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Whether decorating villas or Western-style houses, some owners have relatively few requirements for the elderly housing, and pay insufficient attention to the detailed requirements of the elderly housing, which shows that the society is not aware of this enough, and has not realized that caring for the elderly is caring for their own future. This situation urgently needs to be changed

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the hardware of the elderly room includes material selection, moving line design, storage space, toilet safety, furniture size and shape, while the software includes room selection, light adjustment, color matching, etc

if the children's living conditions permit, they can buy a large apartment and invite their parents to live with them. If they still “ Well off ”, You can spend some money to redecorate your parents' room. As you get older, the functions and characteristics of the living space have also changed

in foreign countries, there are special requirements for the design of the elderly's room. Like the children's room, the paint with the highest level of environmental protection should be used. The furniture has no sharp edges and corners. Special attention should be paid to anti-skid in the bathroom and a telephone should be installed, so that parents can dial their children's phone at the first time in any case of need. In China, the design of houses for the elderly is not paid enough attention. Some designers said that many owners could not put forward constructive opinions when designing houses for the elderly, and even did not have some minimum requirements


the location of the elderly's house is also very particular. When many owners are decorating, if it is a villa, the location of the elderly's house is mostly on the first floor, because there is no need to climb stairs; If it is a Western-style house, the elderly's house is mostly close to the kitchen and living balcony. The designer believes that the old people's room can be arranged separately from other rooms, so that different living habits will not affect each other, but don't let the old people's room be too isolated to facilitate interaction and increase harmony. In addition, some old people are afraid of the cold, especially in the wet weather in winter in Guangdong, so they can consider doing floor heating in the old people's house

many people mistakenly believe that dim lights are suitable for the elderly and can convey a sense of peace. In fact, this is not the case. The lights in the elderly room should have a bright main light source, and then dotted with some point light sources. There is no need to install spotlights in bookshelves, desks or reclining chairs. Spotlights are more dazzling, which is not suitable for the reading habits of the elderly; As for the matching of colors, we should match the preferences of the owners and give professional color analysis. As for the choice of wallpaper or paint, it depends on the style





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