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Decoration may be a headache for most people, because you have to buy materials and manage the decoration process to prevent decorators from cutting corners in decoration. And often because they didn't notice some things when decorating, it brought a lot of trouble

decoration may be a headache for most people, because you have to buy materials and manage the decoration process to prevent decorators from cutting corners in the decoration. And often because they didn't notice some things when decorating, it brought a lot of trouble. Especially in the decoration of second-hand houses, we should pay more attention, because if the service life of the original house is further reduced compared with that of the new house due to poor decoration, it will be more painful. Therefore, we must bear in mind the following seven aspects in the decoration of second-hand houses:

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I. roof

generally, the decoration and renovation of second-hand houses that have lived for several years are mostly cement precast slab floors. After many years of living in such houses, the cement precast slab floors will have varying degrees of cracking, powder layer glue falling, hollowing, moldy and discoloration, which requires the decoration company to make a comprehensive inspection before construction, suit the remedy to the case, and cure the disease: the solution to the floor cracking is to knock out the original powder layer and reinforce the gap with iron horse nails, Cement plaster shall be smooth, then dacron cloth shall be pasted, and putty shall be applied as coating

II. Wall

for the decoration and renovation of the walls of second-hand houses, first, use special tools to comprehensively check all the walls: flatness, level, corner angles, etc. if the base material is wood mud, it must be completely removed to the masonry, then cleaned, repainted with cement mortar for two times, and then applied with putty as paint. If the base material is cement mortar, focus on checking whether the powder layer has hollowing and whether the wall has cracking. Then suit the remedy to the case: if there is hollowing on the wall, the powder layer must be knocked off to see the masonry. After cleaning, repaint the cement mortar; The old walls with better base have yellowing, especially the walls fumigated by oil smoke and gas during smoking and cooking. There are two options: first, completely remove the original old putty on the walls; Second, all walls are painted with a layer of medium for sealing. If that method is not adopted, the iron and wooden piles and nails on the wall should be removed in advance, the pile holes should be cleaned, and the cement should be repaired and leveled before the next process

III. ground

if it is the ground floor, there is no overhead floor below. It is recommended that the ground should be treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, whether it is floor heating, tiling or flooring, and the wall should be more than 30cm above the ground

IV. decoration of second-hand houses renovation of waterways and circuits is the most critical work

most of the second-hand houses have been used for many years. Affected by the economic design and other factors many years ago, it is inevitable that the water pipes and wires are aging and nonstandard, so the layout of the space should be rearranged. Several problems that should be paid attention to here are:

① pay attention to the direction of the original gas, circuit waterway, weak current and other main pipelines in the process of wiring and pipe laying, so as not to affect, let alone accidentally damage the public bus pipe

② carefully check the structure of the common masonry with the neighbors during the drilling of the pipeline trough, which shall not affect the neighbors

③ there will be dust noise during the slotting process. In addition to dedusting and closing the door and window, it is also necessary to fully communicate with neighbors before construction, so as not to affect their learning and work as much as possible, and seek their understanding, so as to reduce the trouble of decoration and ensure the smooth progress of decoration

v. woodworking engineering

because it is a second-hand old house, the structure of the house is not very reasonable, and there are relatively many new powder parts in the wall reconstruction. All wooden baseplates should be painted and sealed to prevent moisture. The new powder wall is not completely dry and stable, so it should be gentle and careful when drilling and fixing components

VI. the painting work of decoration and renovation of second-hand houses is also very important

paint is the last pass. Why do you say that? After full-time inspection of the early powder laying results, this time the painter should brush the interface agent on all the top walls. All the fine hairy cracks are the most authentic at this time. Some are normal cracks formed by the shrinkage of cement mortar, and some may be structural cracks caused by the shrinkage of the foundation wall. At this time, it is found that all the cracks should be pasted with white dacron cloth in time, so that they can be done once and for all

VII. Installation of water and electricity

decoration and renovation of second-hand houses. The painting is over, and finally the installation of water and electricity equipment. At this time, the construction quality of various types of work can be tested best. The unobstructed drainage of the floor drain is the proper safety standard and careful protection of all types of work during the construction process; The smoothness of the circuit and waterway is the result of civilized construction specifications of various types of work; The holes of reserved equipment components on the wall and floor tiles of woodwork engineering conform to the specifications, which is also the embodiment of standardized and civilized construction




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