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Yesterday, with the successful completion of the installation of the high roof in area B of the terminal building of Luzhou Yunlong airport, the water supply of the whole terminal roof system was completely cut off. Today, the mechanical and electrical installation inside the terminal and the internal decoration of each functional area of the terminal will be carried out

night view of the airport

at present, the interior decoration of the passenger arrival floor of Yunlong airport terminal, including wall plastering, weak current installation and other projects have been started in succession. On the departure floor of the terminal, the internal functional areas have been isolated, and check-in counters, VIP lounges, business areas, etc. have been presented. With the water cut-off of the terminal roof, the decoration of each functional area will officially enter the site

Zhao Wei, the project manager of the outsourcing Construction Party of the terminal, told reporters that when the terminal entered the internal decoration, the construction of the outer glass curtain wall was also in full swing

VIP lounge

at present, the construction of curtain wall keel in the East, West and north of the terminal is nearing the end, and materials such as stone, aluminum curtain wall and glass curtain wall are expected to be mobilized and installed around April 10. The adjacent airport air traffic control building has partially completed about 80% of the total project, and the whole airport construction is progressing in an orderly manner according to the original plan

waiting area

according to the time node, Yunlong airport will enter the calibration flight stage on April 20, meet the test flight conditions in mid and late May, and open to navigation on July 1

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