Five tips for saving money in New Year decoration

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Nowadays, decoration has become a topic of discussion for many people after dinner. Many friends will express this feeling after decoration: "the same house uses the same materials, why do people spend less money on decoration than me?" "If I still have the chance to decorate next time, I will..." how can I not spend money wrongly and use it on the blade? How to choose the right one instead of the expensive one? Let's listen to the experience of the past people...

first, make three rules with the construction party in advance

many decorated families, both husband and wife are office workers from nine to five, and the new house is unattended during the construction process, in which the waste of materials is very large. However, the key depends on how the construction team you are looking for is formal and honest. Whether the materials can be saved in the construction process depends on the means of the construction party. For the ground with the same area, if the construction party designs the reasonable laying of tiles, it can save a lot of tile money

if you think that the piecemeal calculation is too troublesome, for the decoration family, the fairer way is to negotiate with the decoration company in advance, and the cost of each item is calculated according to the area. For example, the actual number of square meters of latex paint is calculated according to the amount of money, not according to the amount of materials used. This algorithm can force the decoration company to save materials

second, use the off-season of home decoration for construction

the time of off-season decoration is different in different regions. For example, in the southeast coastal areas, the off-season decoration is generally in the Meiyu period. At this time, the decoration, whether in terms of materials or wages, is often relatively low, which is a good time to enter the market. As for whether Mei Yu really has a great impact on the decoration, to be honest, technically speaking, these effects have little impact except that the paint dries slowly

third, aim at purchasing during the promotion period of merchants

many people say that it takes three companies to buy building materials for decoration. However, choosing the right time will often get twice the result with half the effort. Take bathroom products as an example. In various promotional periods, you can save a lot of money while buying high-quality products. For example, Shanggao bathroom, one of the top ten bathroom brands in China, launched the promotion of "Shanggao 999 yuan bathroom cabinet" during the new year's Day bathroom promotion. The classic Tony 150 bathroom cabinet with a brand price of 2580 yuan can be bought home as long as 999 yuan, and it also includes free package installation. The whole process of one-stop service saves you worry and money

IV. excess materials can be sold online

how can we minimize the waste of excess materials? First of all, it is natural to accurately calculate the amount of building materials required before purchasing. However, it is impossible to be accurate without any waste. What about half a barrel of 5-liter latex paint? You can't return it after opening it. If you can resell it to others, it's a way to save money. Nowadays, there are netizens selling excess building materials on many home forums. Most of them are newly decorated landlords. After the decoration, they find that there are more wires, paints and other building materials in their home, so they publish the information on the Internet for trading. It is understood that in some cities in the north, there are even some physical merchants who specialize in the decoration of redundant building materials

five, one step, no tail

"make do with it first, simply decorate it, and then decorate it when you have money in the future." Because of economic reasons, some working-class people are also "saving" in decoration projects, in addition to saving materials. Some projects that should have been completed are often shelved and left for later

first of all, after moving into a new home and decorating it a few years later, it will make the home a mess again, which is very inconvenient. Moreover, those decoration projects that have to be carried out will inevitably affect future work and life if they are left for the future. Secondly, if these projects are not completed in time, if you want to do them again in the future, it may be difficult to invite the construction team because the projects are too fragmented. Even if you invite them, you will pay a high price, or it will be an unprofessional "casual work". Such a drag, in fact, brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, for those projects that must be completed, it is best to take one step and do not leave the "tail"





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