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& nbsp; Guangzhou Yimeijia Furniture Co., Ltd. is a strategic partner of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd., and the "Lushuihe" board is used in its furniture products

2013-3-4 0:00:00 Guangzhou Yimeijia Furniture Co., Ltd. is a strategic partner of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd., and its furniture products use "Lushuihe" plates

first, "Lushuihe" board is an environmental protection board produced by Lushuihe factory of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. (a listed company), and its registered trademark is "Lushuihe"

II. "Lushuihe" plate is a national environmental protection inspection free product

III. The environmental protection standard of "Lushuihe" E1 environmental protection plate is the same as that of imported European E1 environmental protection plate, and the formaldehyde content is ≤ 1.5mg/l. Since 2012, the environmental protection grade of Lushuihe decorative particleboard of Jilin Forest Industry has been comprehensively upgraded to E0 grade (Standard No.: db22/t466-2009), the production of E1 grade particleboard has been stopped, and the whole line produces more environmentally friendly E0 grade board

IV. Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. strictly tested each batch of plates produced, and the multiple test results of "Lushuihe" E0 grade plates were 0.1-0.5mg/l. It has reached the international E0 level environmental protection plate standard

v. the "Lushuihe" board of Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. is made of crushed layers of fresh wood and processed at a high temperature of more than 280 ℃. The plate is basically sterile and not easy to mildew and deteriorate

VI. the surface processing treatment of "Lushuihe" plate has fully reached international standards. It has many functions, such as high temperature resistance, no deformation, no fading, scratch resistance, UV resistance and so on

VII. The quality and environmental protection standards of "Lushuihe" board have been recognized by international developed countries. At present, it has been exported to countries with high environmental protection standards such as Europe and Japan. "Lushuihe" plate has become a well-known brand recognized internationally and domestically

the common problems of Jilin Lushuihe particleboard are as follows:

1 Is the moisture-proof agent green

moisture proofing agent refers to melamine resin. Melamine resin is a colorless substance, and green is a dye, which has nothing to do with moisture proofing. In order to distinguish whether moisture proofing agent is added, this green dye is used to stir with them in all raw materials of melamine resin. Common plates without moisture proofing agent are pressed by uric acid resin

2. What kind of wood is the base material of Jilin Lushui River

is composed of wood chips from the branches of coniferous and broad-leaved trees. This kind of trees has good hardness because of their long growth cycle. Generally, many pine trees are used in other boards. The material of pine is relatively soft and the bearing capacity is small. (for example, northern rice is better than southern rice, because northern rice only has one crop in a year, while southern rice has several crops in a year)

3 How about the veneering process? How is it different from other brands

between 170-180 degrees, hot pressed for 30 seconds

4 Does not take the moisture-proof agent affect the service life of the cabinet

will not affect the service life, but the moisture-proof performance is poor

5. Is there a series of Lushui River in Jilin

registration is divided into: class a qualified products

class B some materials that can continue to be used due to some defects in the process of product inspection

series: furniture series: wood grain color

cabinet series: plain color

6 What is the difference between the substrate of dew and river and other brands of particleboard

raw materials, Lushui River is made of logs broken into sawdust, and some brands are made of waste wood. The content of impurities is high and the color is dark. It needs to be stirred with strong glue, resulting in the formaldehyde content exceeding the standard

7. How many levels are there in Lushuihe particleboard

Lushuihe particleboard is called homogeneous particleboard. It is a kind of board between medium density board and particleboard. It is divided into two layers, the surface layer (upper and lower), and the core layer (middle)

8 Is the veneer of Lushuihe particleboard imported

is an imported veneer from Germany: such as wood grain lamiigraf origin Spain

9. Characteristics of Lushui River Plate: high density and high strength

10 Can the particleboard of Lushuihe be soaked in water

among the nine physical tests of Lushui River, there is one thickness expansion rate (water absorption thickness expansion rate), which is tested after invading the water, that is, the constant temperature is 18 degrees, take a piece of 25mm*25mm in size, soak it for 2 hours (without moisture-proof agent), (soak it with moisture-proof agent for 24 hours), and test whether the diagonal is deformed

11. The thickness of the veneer of Lushui River Plate

thickness is 0.1-0.15mm

12 What is the high temperature resistance

high temperature resistance up to 250 degrees. Source: emga wardrobe official website





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