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Observation on the performance of disposable paper plastic packaging bags for medical supplies

the packaging materials for sterile medical supplies must have two key properties, namely, they can be sterilized and stored at room temperature and remain sterile. The packaging materials used in the hospital supply room mainly include cotton cloth and metal hard containers. These packaging materials are not suitable for long-term preservation of sterile articles. At present, the use of disposable paper plastic packaging bags is promoted, but there are still some questions about the packaging performance. Therefore, the sterilization treatment and storage quality observation of disposable paper plastic packaging bags for medical supplies were carried out in this study. The results are reported as follows

1 method

3M paper plastic packaging bag was selected as the packaging material. The surgical blade, medical cotton pad, gauze and cotton swab were used as the packaging objects and sterilized with pressure steam. Four kinds of medical supplies are put into the packaging bag according to two items in each bag. At the same time, a chemical indicator card in the bag is sandwiched between two items in each bag to exhaust the gas in the bag and seal it with a sealing machine. Prepare 70 test samples for each article

place the packed samples in the pre vacuum pressure steam sterilization cabinet, after sterilization at 134 ℃, take them out to check that the color of the indicator label on the outside of each package meets the standard, and check that the package is intact to confirm that the sterilization process has been completed; Then keep it in a sterile cabinet at room temperature

after sterilization and within 6 months after storage at room temperature, take out 4 kinds of sterilized articles regularly every month, and 10 samples of each kind for sterility test. Take samples and inoculate them into nutrient broth test tubes (cotton swabs and blades are directly put into them, and 1 cm of gauze and cotton pads are cut off) under the sterile condition of cleanliness level 100 × 3 cm, incubate at 35 ℃ for 48 h, and the sterile growth is qualified. During sampling, observe whether the package is damaged or denatured, and check the discoloration of the chemical indicator card in the package. Bacillus subtilis var. niger Spore tablet was used as positive control, broth tube as negative control

2 results

the inspection results proved that after sterilization, each packaging bag was checked in time to ensure that it was free of damage and denaturation, the color change of the 30 indicator card of the chemical finger in the package was qualified, the packaging of various items was sterile, and the sterilization process was all qualified. Within 6 months of storage, check that each package of blades, medical cotton pads, gauze, cotton swabs and other items is intact. There are 4 kinds of sterilized articles, 10 sample bags for each article, and a total of 80 articles, which also brings a lot of development space for the plastic film blowing machine; Within 6 months of storage, sterility test was conducted for 4 kinds of articles in paper plastic packaging on a monthly basis. There were 240 sample bags, and 480 articles grew aseptically

3 discussion

at present, most hospitals still use cotton cloth or metal containers as sterilization packaging for medical supplies. Although it has the advantages of strong tensile resistance and can be used repeatedly, there are also many problems, such as repeated washing, manual operation, cloth loss, etc., which is neither economic nor a waste of manpower. In addition, after repeated use with cotton cloth, its protective performance gradually decreases. Therefore, China's "technical specifications for disinfection" requires that sterile medical supplies made of cotton packaging materials should be stored in a dry environment for no more than 10 ~ 14 days. According to the code for the management of nosocomial infection, the sterile dressing packed with cotton cloth shall not be used for more than 24h once opened. In clinical practice, some sterile kits, such as catheterization kits, cardiac puncture kits, kidney puncture kits, and other special instrument kits, are sometimes stored for a long time. Click the goal above the experiment start button: set the target parameter to 15% of the initial thickness of the sample without being used. It needs to be re sterilized once every two weeks. This not only consumes money and manpower, but also easily causes problems such as misuse or misuse of expired kits in the work. In recent years, disposable paper plastic packaging bags have been widely used in the packaging of medical supplies. They have been specially used for ethylene oxide sterilization packaging and gradually adopted by pressure steam sterilization packaging

this study shows that the medical supplies packed in 3M disposable paper plastic packaging bags can be sterilized by 134 ℃ pre vacuum pressure steam, and the items in the package can be switched dynamically in real time during the test. The packaging materials are not found to be denatured or damaged, and can still effectively block the penetration of microorganisms after being stored for 6 months under the conditions of use. The sterility test results of 480 sterilized articles showed that the sterilized products grew aseptically, and the selection of pressure steam as the sterilization method was safe, convenient and cheap

Author: zhangyanhong, zhulili, Xu Ping

reprinted from: Chinese Journal of infection

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