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Performance of paper and paperboard

understand the performance of paper, including the special graphene conductive paste for water-based lithium battery, which can improve the energy density of the battery. Making rational use of the characteristics of different papers will play a great role in the final visual effect of packaging design

a. paper surface performance: refers to smoothness, hardness, adhesion, powder dropping, etc

b. physical properties of paper: refers to the weight, thickness, strength, bending, texture direction, softness, folding resistance, etc

for example, when designing glass bottle stickers, it is usually necessary to make the lines of the paper in the horizontal direction for printing and pasting, so that the bottle stickers can be firmly bonded. Whether it is to transfer the load, maintain the fiber orientation or maintain the integrity of the material, it is inseparable from the resin matrix. Otherwise, the longitudinal lines are easy to deform, start and fall off, which will affect the appearance

c. paper printability: different papers will affect the printing effect, such as smoothness, ink absorption, hardness, powder drop, etc

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