Performance inspection and marking of the hottest

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Performance test and mark packaging of reamer III

(3) material: reamer for the same machine

(4) the hardness of the working part shall be HRC. Hardness of square head or flat tail of shank: HRC for integral reamer and HRC for welding reamer

(5) performance test: the material and coolant used for the test are the same machine reamers. Prior to the test, straight holes suitable for reaming taper holes shall be drilled in advance, and Morse taper 3 ~ 6 reamers shall be bored with taper holes or step holes with appropriate allowance. Test cutting specification this is because the polymer is composed of long chain molecules, as specified in table 6-10-83

table 6-10-83 cutting specifications for circular cone reamers

normal align=center> reamer cone number

normal align=center> cutting speed (m/min)

normal align=center> tool path per revolution

normal align=center> reaming depth (mm)

normal align=center> number of reamed holes

normal align=center> metric 4 and 6

normal align=center>

normal align=center> manual

normal align=center>l0

normal align=center>5

the roughness Ra value of the reamed surface after the test shall not be greater than 6.3 μ m. The reamer shall be free of edge chipping and obvious dulling

5. Inspection of cemented carbide reamers

(1) Martin klocke, the lightweight design specialist of LANXESS, said: "this utilization highlights the great potential of hybrid technology and continuous reinforced fiber polyamide material for weight reduction of structural parts. Appearance: reamers for the same machine.

(2) positional tolerance: reamers for the same machine.

(3) the calibration part of reamers should have an inverted taper.

(4) reamer blades should be classified and grouped according to GB classification and code of cemented carbide for cutting and machining." Standard selection

(5) the reamer body shall be made of 40Cr or alloy steel with the same or above performance, and the hardness of its shank and flat tail shall be HRC

6) performance test: test material: reamer with P20 cemented carbide blade and 45 steel with HB hardness. For reamers with K20 cemented carbide blades, the test material is gray cast iron with HB hardness. Coolant: emulsified oil-water solution shall be used for reamer test of P20 cemented carbide blade; No coolant is used for reamer test of K20 cemented carbide blade. The test cutting specification shall be carried out according to table 6-10-84

table 6-10-84 cutting specification for cemented carbide reamer test (unit: mm)

n weight reducible 30%ormal align=center> basic diameter of reamer d

normal align=center> cutting speed (m/min)

normal align

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