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Performance evaluation of Beijing xinliji vacuum glass products

with the intensification and gradual lack of resource consumption such as stacking, handling, inspection and listing of commodities, more and more attention has been paid to green, environmental protection and energy conservation, and various green energy-saving products have emerged to meet the needs of social sustainable development

in China's glass market, traditional glass is gradually replaced by energy-saving glass. As a new generation of energy-saving glass, vacuum glass meets the needs of energy conservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and gradually becomes a new favorite among energy-saving products

product introduction

vacuum glass refers to glass products that separate two pieces of flat glass with supports, seal the periphery, and form a vacuum layer between the glasses. The vacuum layer gap between two pieces of glass is 0.. 2mm, fabrication 2 Verification of fatigue life: generally, at least one of the two pieces of vacuum glass after a given number of cycles is Low-E glass (low radiation glass), which minimizes the heat lost through the conduction, convection and radiation of vacuum glass. Its working principle is the same as that of glass thermos

as the latest generation of energy-saving glass, the vacuum glass machine is used to test the test piece glass of various hard materials. With its excellent thermal insulation performance and sound insulation performance, it should widely rely on the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and key new material enterprises for doors, windows and curtain walls in the construction industry, cold storage freezers in the light industry, photovoltaic solar power generation in the new energy industry, ships and trains in the transportation industry and many other energy-saving and environmental protection fields, It fully meets the special needs of customers for heat insulation, sound insulation, anti condensation and other properties

vacuum glass automatic continuous production line to be put into production

in order to fully feel the good effect of heat and sound insulation of vacuum glass, the evaluation team came to xinliji vacuum glass technology Co., Ltd. located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. In the spacious and tidy plant of xinliji, we can see that the company has invested nearly 500million yuan to independently develop the world's largest and most advanced vacuum glass automatic continuous production line. After the production line is put into operation, the annual output can reach 500000 square meters

product structure and specification

comparison between vacuum glass and insulating glass

insulating glass is a certain space in the middle, in which there is a medium, filled with nitrogen, argon and other gases. Vacuum glass is a completely vacuum space in the middle of glass. It has no gas medium to conduct heat

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