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Performance points and application cases of PC104 bus motion control card

pc/104 (PC104) is an embedded bus specification and an extension of ISA (ieee-996) standard. In the post PC era, the development of embedded system is surging and magnificent. Pc/104 brings hardware engineers to a higher level by virtue of its compact shape, mature standard architecture, professional design and professional production. The standard PC compatible architecture greatly reduces the workload of software engineers. The modular and universal system is easier to maintain, expand, serialize and upgrade. It greatly reduces the cost of repeated learning and development

the adt-834 card launched by zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-performance four axis servo/stepping control card based on PC104 bus. Adt-834 motion control card has a position variable ring, which can change the speed at any time in motion, and can use advanced functions such as continuous interpolation. The pulse output mode can be single pulse (pulse + direction) or double pulse (pulse + pulse). The maximum pulse frequency is 4MHz. Advanced technology can make the frequency error less than 0.1% when the output frequency is very high. Two plus/minus counters are used for position management, one is used to internally manage the logic position counter for driving pulse output, and the other is used to receive external input. The input signal can be the encoder or grating ruler of a/b phase input, or the input signal of up/down pulse. As the actual position counter, the number of counters is up to 32 bits. External input can also be used for handwheel input as a common count. Provide servo interface signals, such as encoder signal, in place signal (inpos), alarm signal (alarm), servo on 3, digital display of experiment times, experiment frequency (servo on), etc

multiple control modes, such as quantitative motion, continuous motion, zero return motion, multi axis interpolation, arc interpolation, etc. Interpolation generally uses constant speed motion, or straight line/s curve acceleration and deceleration (s curve acceleration and deceleration cannot be used for circle interpolation, including syringe or pipette head and sealant arc interpolation). Interpolation has continuous interpolation function, that is, input the interpolation data of the next point during the interpolation process to ensure the continuity of the pulse and make the interpolation achieve faster and better performance. The maximum interpolation speed can reach 2MHz

speed control can be used for constant speed and linear/s curve acceleration and deceleration, can be used for asymmetric linear acceleration and deceleration, and can be used for automatic/manual deceleration. Triangle waveform can be prevented from generating in speed curve during quantitative drive

each axis has two 32-bit comparison registers, which can be used for software limit. Each axis has 8 input signals, including 2 positive and negative limit signals, 3 stop signals, 1 servo in place signal, 1 servo alarm signal and 1 general input signal. Except for the limit signal, other signals can be set to be invalid as the general input signal, and the 3 stop signals can be used as the origin signal, deceleration signal and encoder z-phase search. All digital input signals have integral filters, 8 filtering time constants are available to prevent interference

provide DOS, windows95/98/nt/2000/xp and wince development libraries, and use vc++, VB, bc++, c++builder, LabVIEW, Delphi, etc. for software development

main performance of adt-834 motion control card based on pc/104 bus:

· 4-axis servo/stepper motor control, each axis can be controlled independently without mutual influence

· the frequency error of pulse output is less than 0.1%

· the maximum pulse output frequency is 4MHz

· pulse output can be in single pulse (pulse + direction) or double pulse (pulse + pulse) mode

· 4 axes have position feedback input. With the continuous deepening of national environmental governance, 32-bit counting, the maximum counting range is -2147483648~+2147483647

· acceleration/deceleration in straight line or S curve

· asymmetric linear acceleration/deceleration motion

· axis linear interpolation

· CW, CCW arc interpolation

· continuous interpolation function is available, and the maximum driving speed is 2MHz

· each axis has two 32-bit comparison registers for position size comparison of logical position counter or actual position counter, which can be used for software limit

· it can receive various signals of servo motor driver, such as encoder signal Z phase number, in place signal, alarm signal, etc

· each axis has 3 stop signals, which can be used for origin search. The annual production demand of packaging materials reaches 67million tons, and the encoder z-phase search

· real time speed change during movement

· the position counter has a variable ring function. The logical position counter and the actual position counter are 32-bit upper/lower ring counters

· the logic position, actual position, driving speed, acceleration and driving state can be read out in real time during movement

· each axis has 8-in-8-out digital i/o, which can be used as general i/o except 2 limit signals. The digital output can be used for servo start, servo alarm reset and other signals

· the input end of each input signal is equipped with an integral filter, which can set which input signal filter function becomes effective or invalid, and the filter time constant can be selected from 8 categories

· support DOS, windows95/98/nt/2000/xp, wince and other operating systems

adt-834 motion card control card can be used in multi axis engraving and milling system, robot system, spatial coordinate measurement system, PC based CNC system and other systems

pc/104 has a very flexible modular configuration function. Developers can accurately select the functional modules they need according to their own needs to build their own systems. They can also equip the systems with extremely solid shells. The system built with pc/104 module is very small in size, but very powerful in function. The pc/104 module board has rich functions, including CPU, i/o, DSP, wireless network, GPS and so on. Every function that users can find in the desktop PC system can be realized in the pc/104 system, and the software is easy to configure. Pc/104 system can run DOS, windows and many real-time operating systems. These characteristics make it very easy to configure the software and hardware of pc/104 system

pc/104 has a promising future, and "stack PC" has a bright future. Using mature Desktop PC technology and rich PC software resources, pc/104 technology is even more powerful. Continue to carefully add some mature PC technologies, such as increasing the support for PCI bus control and realizing the stack of more than 4 PCI add-on module boards; Add support for future PC technologies, such as PCI Express. These will enable pc/104 to keep up with the progress of PC technology and continuously meet the new needs of customers. We expect the international pc/104 association to draw a better blueprint for pc/104. (end)

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