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Performance of American steelback blanket

the steelback blanket launched by American day International (Dayton, Ohio) is the only blanket with stainless steel substrate in the industry

st the eelback brand rubber cloth is thermosetting, otherwise the accuracy of the experimental results will be affected. At present, only Heidelberg M-1000 printing machine is equipped with this type of web printing machine: the stainless steel material layer on it bears the tension load, so that the rubber cloth can be printed to the neutral position all the time, and there is no need for padding; There will be no size change at the neutral position of the drum, so users can print full bleeds. Steelback blanket is easy to install and its service life is longer than that of ordinary blanket; The stainless steel material layer on the top can eliminate the water seeping from the back to ensure the correct registration accuracy. The surface of steelback blanket is grinded. This blanket is now used by printing machines in France. The durability of this product is more than twice that of ordinary substrate blanket, which can meet the use of high-end printing machines

day graphicaca3000 produced by day international is the most popular sheet fed printing blanket. Its surface is dark blue. After precision grinding surface treatment, it can maintain uniform and average grinding degree and good stability. It is suitable for thermosetting rotary printing. Excellent release performance, is the most ideal ink transfer and transfer printing surface

this product is made of compatible mixed rubber materials. In view of the ever-changing printing environment, such as faster machines, alcohol substitutes, new solvents and fountain solutions, anhydrous printing plates, vegetable inks, papermaking and release paper, it can cope with everything easily. The patented closed return layer can make the printing surface of the blanket have an average return elasticity at every place when the machine is in standby state, In order to meet the precise printing requirements, the impact resilience is very strong and more durable. Day graphica rubber cloth face-to-face anhydrous printing machine, fast printing machine, alcohol substitutes, new solvents and bucket liquid, vegetable oil ink, recycling. If the traditional printing is changed to waterless printing, there is no need to change the blanket. The closed cell elastic layer helps to improve the rebound speed and durability. The day graphica blanket has two thicknesses of 0.067 inch (three layers) and 0.077 inch (four layers). The surface is made of solvent resistant rubber composite materials

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