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@AI start-ups, let's "ascend" together

(9) the first domestic large aircraft C919 came off the assembly line recently, the first offline docking meeting of Huawei's ascend AI start-up support program was held at Huawei Hangzhou Research Institute. A total of 8 local AI start-ups participated in the docking meeting, of which 4 obtained the support qualification and will open further cooperation with Huawei

shengteng is a key part of Huawei's full stack and full scene AI solution, providing strong computing support for applications in the AI industry. The purpose of the shengteng AI start-up support program is to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship and innovation for developers, help start-ups quickly build products based on Huawei's advanced AI platform, provide support for Atlas prototypes and cloud resource vouchers, open Huawei's technology and business resources, and help enterprises easily open their AI entrepreneurial dreams

this time, the participating enterprises will carry out application development based on Huawei atlas artificial intelligence platform and ascend cloud services, and further carry out joint innovation of solutions, among which the outstanding ones will become Huawei's official partners

this support plan is divided into three stages according to the degree of enterprise participation: incubation, growth and Yunteng. After participating in the support plan, the enterprise has obtained the atlas 200dk Developer Suite and Huawei cloud shengteng elastic cloud server 10000 yuan free coupon +40000 yuan full coupon reduction resource support from the incubation stage, as well as technical support such as training and development support, online marketplace, Huawei conference display opportunities and other marketing support; With the further in-depth integration and adoption of atlas platform products, enterprises will enter the stage of growth and cloud Teng, and will receive higher support, as well as the inclination of technical and marketing resources. In addition, Huawei projects will give priority to partners who release joint solutions, certify that joint solutions are imported into Huawei's sales system, and give priority to recommending sales to customers. Including car seats, handlebars, rims, baskets, brake wire covers, pedals, etc.

enterprises entering the support plan list this time (in no order):

smart vision: smart vision is a big data service provider, focusing on business intelligence applications such as big data analysis, data mining and visualization, and using core algorithms in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, etc., to provide application solutions for different industries, And develop towards the product direction of intelligent sensor + interconnection + big data visualization

real intelligence: real intelligence is an artificial intelligence start-up company, focusing on the intelligent decision-making field of large-scale and complex problems. It uses ai+rpa technology to build intelligent assistant robots widely used in operators, e-commerce, finance and other industries, helping governments and enterprises to increase conservation, reduce costs and increase efficiency, transform from labor-intensive to AI intensive, and promote the subversive innovation and upgrading of production modes and business processes

Yunna Technology: Yunna technology is a computer vision unmanned retail solution provider, which is mainly based on computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion processing technology. It provides offline physical retail stores with solutions that do not need to queue up to check out, take it and go, which can release the restriction of peak cashier efficiency on human traffic, There is no need to wait in line to mention the so-called dual space, that is, there are two experimental spaces to improve the shopping experience of consumers, while reducing the labor cost of retailers

semi cloud technology: semi cloud technology is a twists and turns experimenter and big data solution provider, focusing on the field of data intelligence. Its products include big data governance platform and AI based video analysis platform, which are mainly used in urban brain, industrial intelligence, industrial big data and other fields

shengteng AI start-up matchmaking conference and developer salon

at the same time, in order to further support excellent AI start-ups, Huawei launched the shengteng AI start-up competition, providing a prize pool worth up to 1.49 million yuan

the teams of start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence need to build products or solutions based on Huawei shengteng, including atlas Artificial Intelligence Computing Solutions (including atlas 200 AI acceleration module, Atlas 300 AI acceleration card, Atlas 500 intelligent station, Atlas 800 AI server, Atlas 200 DK and other products) and shengteng elastic cloud server

the competition was launched in June. The preliminary competition was selected in August, and the final was held at the Huawei connect conference at the end of September. In addition to rich bonuses and the opportunity to show at the connect conference, the winning team in the final can give priority to enter Huawei's business incubation pipeline and obtain the priority recommendation of Huawei projects

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