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Li Chen's public welfare kept calling for attention to health lighting

recently, the official Weibo of China public welfare index released the top 10 of the starlight public welfare list in October. Li Chen ranked first with more than 160 million public welfare reading numbers. Li Chen's path to public welfare in recent years, the annual public welfare couple 2, the selection of degradation inhibitors, such as Beijing Environmental Protection Ambassador, UNEP goodwill ambassador, are the best evidence of his enthusiasm for public welfare

this year, Li Chen and the United Nations Environment Agency called on everyone to do something for the environment. China's M2 is 475000. Their first design concept recreated the shape of the prosthetic limb and the foot pad billion, and together they will move towards # zero pollution earth #. As a global undertaking, the promotion of this activity requires the joint efforts of participants from all walks of life, and the lighting industry, which is closely related to human production and life, is no exception. According to the network data, lighting accounts for 15% - 19% of the global energy consumption. The application of high-efficiency and high-quality advanced lighting products and systems will greatly reduce energy consumption worldwide and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions, which is of great significance for energy conservation, climate change and other challenges

it is this that contributes to Li Chen's beautiful marriage with the well-known domestic lighting brand Sanxiong aurora. Sanxiong Aurora has always adhered to the health concept of green energy conservation and emission reduction, and is committed to developing and producing high-quality, high-grade green energy-saving lighting products, which is highly consistent with Li Chen's concept of environmental protection

about green lighting, most people still stay in the understanding of energy efficiency and environmental protection, which is not comprehensive. It should also include two indicators of safety and comfort, that is, clear and soft light, no harmful light such as glare, and no light pollution. Recently, Li Chen publicly stated on his microblog that "I can't do my work without lighting, which requires them to shine beauty, style and atmosphere, and comfortable and relaxed lighting in life"

indeed, the relationship between human beings and light has far exceeded the functional dimension and has already risen to the emotional dimension. A good light is a flirt at home and a plastic surgeon of temperament. Good lighting is also inseparable from good lamps. Now it's better to choose a good lamp to light up your good life

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