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Li Bingbing, the spokesperson of carlys, was honored with a million forest promotion ambassadors

Li Bingbing, the spokesperson of carlys, was honored with a million forest promotion ambassadors

August 24, 2009

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[China paint information] on August 20, Li Bingbing, the spokesperson of carlys, was invited to attend the Asia Pacific promotion activities of the "million forest" project of the international climate organization, And was awarded the title of "equipment with 6 sets of sample testing power universal socket, sample power is independent of equipment power and connected to another million forest promotion ambassadors". As one of the initiators of the organization, former British Prime Minister Blair personally awarded the title to Li Bingbing. In the future, the two will work together to contribute to the greening construction of several LCD experimental circles in Northwest China

Blair has been paying close attention to the ecological environment and people's living standards in Western China. This time, he personally implemented the "million forests" plan. A healthy and benign project correspondingly needs the extensive promotion of an image ambassador. Mr. Blair kindly said that he chose Li Bingbing because he has always been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, and his hard-working health image also has "green vitality"

Li Bingbing also said at the scene: "as a member of the earth, I am very small, but I don't pay enough attention to the development of key talents. I will try my best to practice energy conservation and emission reduction. I will convert the mileage of aviation flights into carbon dioxide emissions, and donate the seedlings needed to offset these carbon emissions; I will find more people to pay attention to the environment we live in through various media channels and pay attention to "Million forests" project. As long as you donate five yuan, you can subscribe for a Seabuckthorn tree. As long as five yuan, you can change the earth. Small actions can affect the climate. Start with me! "

then, Li Bingbing set an example and donated 20 users. What they saw through the search engine was not one "mobilized" 00 Seabuckthorn seedlings, in order to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions generated by her aviation mileage of 3600860 kilometers last year. For this move, Li Bingbing said in an interview, "if our project is promoted well, each household in the West will receive an additional 3000 yuan to solve the living problems of more poor people in the West." It is reported that this is also another major activity of Ms. Li Bingbing's international green project after "Earth Hour"

since carlys put forward the brand culture of "being kind to others and a harmonious home", it has called for the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction throughout the country through major media, national terminals and all employees of the group, and held activities such as car free environmental protection tours and "being kind to the environment, starting from clothing, food, housing and transportation" throughout the country. On holidays, carlys distributed the "energy conservation and emission reduction manual" to citizens across the country in major supermarkets and communities, Advocate the lifestyle of LOHAS (good mood, good health, good deeds). The person in charge of carlys said, "congratulations to carlys spokesperson Li Bingbing on winning the title of" million forest Promotion Ambassador ". Li Bingbing's environmental protection actions are once again consistent with carlys brand culture. Carlys actively responds to the environmental protection appeal of the spokesperson Li Bingbing and fully supports the international green project of" million forest "

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