Lgmma postpones PMMA expansion project

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LG MMA postpones the PMMA expansion project

LG MMA is a joint venture company composed of LG Chemical Group of South Korea, Sumitomo chemical of Japan and catalyst company of Japan. The company plans to expand the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plant located in yeochon region of South Korea from October to November this year. After the expansion, the production capacity will be increased from the current 30 kt/A to 50 kt/A, However, according to insiders of the company, the plan will be postponed to January 2003. The reason for the postponement of the project is the shortage of methyl methacrylate (MMA), the raw material of PMMA, and the extremely tight market supply. It is estimated that this situation will continue until the end of this year

in 2003, the raw material problem of the expansion of the company's PMMA production unit will no longer exist, because they are expanding a set of MMA unit located in the region, and the capacity after expansion will double to 100 kt/A. According to the plan, it will be put into production in April, 2003, but in the company's hair style, ha is shore a hardness According to the speaker, the device may be put into production in March 2003 in January ahead of schedule

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