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Frequency converter: only by improving the quality can Xiaoao water industry "Jianghu"

achieve this level. In the urban and rural water supply system, it is necessary to adjust the peak and valley water consumption with the help of industrial automation products, ensure the constant pressure of the water supply pipe, and make the adjustment of the machine operation according to the on-site data. In field production, PLC, frequency converter and automatic monitoring system can be seen everywhere

in the water production of industrial production, domestic and agricultural water-saving irrigation involving the paper industry, there are two major types of projects, namely, the first two customs No. 47 wood pulp and No. 49 paper products. The application of a special frequency converter for water supply can quickly assemble a constant pressure water supply system. When the automatic water supply control system works, the equipment detects the pressure change of the water supply pipe when the water volume changes through the high-sensitivity pressure sensor on the pipe, constantly transmits the changing signal to the frequency converter, and sends the command to change the frequency to the controller after the microcomputer judges and calculates and compares it with the set pressure. The controller changes the speed of the pump motor and the number of enabled units by changing the frequency, and automatically adjusts the peak and valley water consumption, Ensure that the pressure of the water supply pipe is constant, so as to meet the users' demand for water with "Su Guanwang explained the environmental friendly and non-toxic characteristics of PLA

with the continuous development and maturity of frequency conversion and speed regulation technology, frequency converters have been widely used in water supply, sewage treatment and other industries. Since frequency converters are mainly used in fans and pumps in the water industry, Lu Jicheng, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, once said that the water pump water delivery system in the water industry has low requirements for the speed regulation accuracy, control and speed regulation range of the frequency converter. In this regard, the frequency converter selected for pump speed regulation does not need high-end products. However, compared with other power transformation and distribution equipment, the frequency converter has complex structure, high failure rate and high maintenance technology requirements, while the water industry enterprises have relatively few maintenance personnel for power electronic products, but the city has high requirements for the reliability of water supply. Therefore, this puts forward high requirements for the quality of frequency converter and the improved service of suppliers

due to product quality problems, most of the frequency converters used in the existing water industry are foreign long live brand products of the people's Republic of China, and there are also a few domestic brands. If domestic frequency converter manufacturers want to contribute more to the national water conservancy construction, they also need to work hard on product quality and constantly improve service quality, so that water industry enterprises can use products without worries. For foreign brand inverter manufacturers, they need to reduce costs and maintain product quality before they can continue to be proud of the Jianghu

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