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Japan Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of "excellence, honesty and trustworthiness" and the idea of "integrating channel resources and promoting the development of the industry" since its inception in 1915 and 2008, with an apparent consumption of 51.914 million tons of plastic in China. It has provided the most advanced technology for the times in the application of electric power, the promotion of industrial automation, the creation of electromechanical integration and robotics. At present, the sales network of Yaskawa Electric has spread across 24 countries, including Japan, and its production bases span 6 countries. YASKAWA Electric's technology, products and services have been highly praised and trusted by customers all over the world. The first Japanese company that Zhu Rongji visited during his visit to Japan was Yaskawa company. At the 11th South China Automation Industry Exhibition in June, 2007, we had the honor to get to know Mr. Li Siyuan, head of the drive control business department of Yaskawa electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. through in-depth dialogue and communication, we had a deeper understanding of Yaskawa, a legendary enterprise

Mr. Li Siyuan, head of the drive control business department of Yaskawa electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Yaskawa products conform to the trend and keep pace with the world

Mr. Li said that Yaskawa has several series of products, including drive control products (frequency converters, accessories), motion control products, electrical products for system engineering and robot products of Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan, which are sold in China. YASKAWA company will choose suitable products for different automation industries every time. This time in Guangzhou, except for high-voltage frequency converters, almost all Yaskawa products have been launched. The newly promoted products, first of all, l7b, which is the second time to appear in the South China exhibition, is an upgraded product of l7c. It is a special frequency converter for elevators, which can easily realize the switching use of synchronous and asynchronous motors. In some domestic small and medium-sized elevator enterprises, 80% of the motors have been synchronized, and 40% of the motors in large enterprises have also been synchronized. Synchronization is a trend of elevator drive. E7b product is a special frequency converter for energy saving, which is suitable for fan and pump loads. Last year, it was also exhibited at the automation exhibition in South China. Compared with last year, the capacity and power of this product this year have increased. At the same time, in terms of energy conservation, Yaskawa adheres to Japan's energy-saving advantages and traditions, and adheres to the world leading level. Another new product of Yaskawa is v1000 series frequency converter, which will be launched on the market around the end of 2007. This is a new small frequency converter, which is worthy of the expectation of the majority of users. YASKAWA also has some mature products, such as G7 and F7, which are widely used in heavy-duty industries with high requirements for performance, quality and reliability. At the exhibition, we also saw that Chinese local businesses are also very serious about becoming world leaders. With the support of Chinese policies, I believe that the energy-saving market should do better

inverter, a horse in the Chinese market

throughout the world, the market share of Yaskawa inverter is second to none. YASKAWA Electric has entered China for many years, and the frequency converter has also occupied a relatively large market. As long as the oil cylinder and piston are cleaned, the back door and tail support pressure testing machine technology is introduced

the main products sold by Yaskawa electric in the Chinese market include frequency converters, servo systems and robots. Among them, frequency conversion products entered China earlier and were also accepted by the majority of users in China earlier, especially in China's lifting industry, elevator industry, chemical fiber industry, metallurgy industry, textile industry, port machinery and other industries have always been the advantageous industries of Anchuan

cash, including the retail market, the entire Chinese inverter market, in the general market, Yaskawa is among the best. This is mainly due to the three high (three h) of Yaskawa inverter: high quality, high performance and high reliability. Mr. Li said that Yaskawa has a tradition that Yaskawa has always maintained that its technology is the most advanced in the world. YASKAWA Electric is a small and medium-sized enterprise among multinational enterprises, but there are always several technologies that are unique in the world. YASKAWA has three h's and pursues two L's, namely, low cost and low cost. 90% of Yaskawa's products are produced domestically, and localized production is implemented. Where to sell and where to produce, this can maintain two l's. In China, at the current growth rate, the products produced in Yaskawa cannot meet the needs of customers, and the factory and production line are being expanded. In addition, Yaskawa inverter adopts the product structure form of high-end and low-end matching. In addition to the general inverter suitable for all kinds of heavy and light loads, there are also fan dedicated and Elevator dedicated series. In addition, there are also some special software and functions to meet some special purposes

with regard to the sales model, Mr. Li said that Yaskawa has three major markets in China, namely, East China, North China and South China. In the whole inverter market, the market share of East China and North China is high, but it is relatively weak in South China. YASKAWA will do some key promotion activities to expand its influence in the next step. Three years ago, Yaskawa set up an office in Guangzhou. In 2006, Yaskawa developed two agents in Guangzhou. In June 2007, South China after-sales service center will also be established, with the key goal of developing the South China market. YASKAWA will adhere to the path of localization and requires to focus on supporting local agents. Especially during this exhibition, the Guangzhou Office of Yaskawa will hold an exchange training for agents to strengthen their familiarity with the industry and further enhance learning and exchange. In the next two or three years, Yaskawa will pay more attention to strengthening the tightness of key customers and market strategy

Yaskawa products adhere to localized promotion and serve the Chinese market. Mr. Li said that Yaskawa, as a professional mechanical and electrical products company, established the society with science and technology, was low-key and simple, paid attention to the actual market effect, and rarely made substantial publicity. YASKAWA has been in China since 1994. For more than ten years, exhibitions have been the main way of promotion. At present, the promotion of products in Yaskawa is mainly carried out by regions and industries, which can directly realize localization, directly face local customers and industry customers, solve the potential users who cannot come to the exhibition, and at the same time, be closer to the actual opportunity for customers to use. For example, in March 2007, in Shanghai, there was a very small, informal and private exchange meeting, mainly in the food and machinery industries, with less than five customers. If there were some moon cake manufacturers, it was very meaningful. Because these manufacturers should prepare mechanical equipment early before the Mid Autumn Festival. Such a promotion meeting can not only save costs, but also enrich the staff of Yaskawa. The Chinese people know the Chinese market best. Only by thoroughly taking the road of localization can they be the most considerate to users and realize the sound development of enterprises. YASKAWA is a manufacturer, not a trading company, and it is impossible to engage in collective sales. However, there are many strategic partners who are important members of Yaskawa's market promotion without investment and holding

through three highs (high quality, high performance, high reliability) and localization, Yaskawa believes that through efforts, the plan can achieve the first market share in five years. YASKAWA often uses the disc and cylinder radial fracturing method. The biggest expectation for the Chinese market is that the system integration ability of Chinese users can be improved as soon as possible, so that customers can purchase single products of various brands and assemble system finished products, which is not limited by the so-called system packaging price, save system integration costs, and realize the optimization of product cost performance. However, such market segmentation may take years. YASKAWA is dominated by the heavy load industry, and the market in light load needs to strengthen the promotion. It is actively focusing on the promotion of light load industry. At present, the investment in large-scale projects in the market is gradually improved and gradually developed into the medium and light load industry. Yaskawa will also follow the trend and seize the opportunity

finally, Mr. Li said that Yaskawa electric always adheres to the entrepreneurial philosophy of making contributions to society and public utilities with unique, leading, innovative and reliable professional technologies and products. The development of China's industrial automation control field still has a high-speed but difficult road to go in terms of technology and concept. Yaskawa will adhere to the road of localization, and bring high-quality, high-performance, high reliability technologies and products to more users in China and better serve the Chinese market

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