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enterprises often need to search patent documents when developing new products. On the one hand, they can obtain detailed descriptions of relevant technical solutions from them, which can play a positive role in reference and Enlightenment for innovation; On the other hand, we can also obtain the maximum market protection by analyzing and comparing the relevant technical differences between domestic and foreign companies and adopting corresponding patent application strategies

at present, the patent offices of various countries and the World Patent Organization publish patent bulletins, patent indexes, patent abstracts and other publications. At the same time, some also use their networks to provide patent inquiry services to the public, and most of them are free of charge. By searching for patents through Internet, enterprises can use patent documents quickly and economically, which greatly facilitates enterprises' understanding and application of patent documents around the world

1 China patent information

China patent information was established in 1997 at or. The station was revised in November, 2001. At present, the main services provided are: ① simple retrieval, logical grouping retrieval and menu retrieval; ② Full text browsing of patents; ③ English search interface. The following will be introduced respectively

1) simple search

the interface of simple search has only one search input window, where keywords can be entered

for example, it is necessary to check the patented technology related to fog removal. First, determine the keywords: fog removal, fog elimination, methods, equipment. Input keywords into the search input window, and after confirmation, the output results have a total of: "sound wave defogging method" invention patent, publication number cna; Invention patent of "road snow driving and fog driving method", Publication No. cna and other 6 patent documents

2) logical grouping retrieval

the logical grouping retrieval interface has three search input windows, which are keyword 1, keyword 2 and the date of patent announcement. For example, it is necessary to search the patented technology of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Factory in the past five years related to road rollers. First, determine the keywords: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Factory, road rollers, and the date of patent announcement is. Input them into three search input windows respectively, and after confirmation, the output results have a total of: "road roller" design patent, patent number zl 1; Utility model patent of "automatic reversing mechanism of vibrating shaft of vibratory roller", patent No. zl Ouyangming said that he and other eight patent documents

3) menu search

the menu search interface has a total of 13 search input windows, which are application number (8 digits), application date (6 digits, such as December 1, 2002, the input format is 021201), announcement number (7 digits, such as CNY, the input format is), announcement date (the input format is the same as the application date) IPC classification number (international patent classification number, such as the classification number of soil compaction equipment is e01c19/23, the input format is e01c019230, the first and fourth digits of the string must be letters, and the rest are numbers), priority (the application number of the first foreign patent application, such as za97/4208, the input format is za974208, the first two digits must be letters, and the rest are numbers) Country and province code (two letters for foreign countries and two digits for domestic countries. For example, CN stands for China, GB for Britain, Za for South Africa, 11 for Beijing, 12 for Tianjin and 31 for Shanghai), inventor, applicant, address, invention name, abstract and claims

there is a logical "and" relationship between the strings entered in the above 13 search input windows. Each search entry party expands its service box by raising funds. Multiple search terms are allowed to be entered. The search scope can be determined by logical operators between the search terms. The default item is "and". After the selected characters are input, click the "search" button to obtain the search results

for example, the search scope of the patent for the cab of construction machinery is set at Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Construction Machinery") and Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sany") in the past five years. Enter the full names of the two companies in the search input window of the applicant, and the result after confirmation is that "Xiamen Engineering" has a patent number of zl 0、ZL. 8 patents including 9; "Sany" has a patent number of zl 6、ZL. 31 patents including 0. Then input the "cab" into the search input window of the invention name, and the output result after confirmation is: the design patent number of XCMG is zl 2 "loader cab"; Sany has a design patent number of zl 1 "excavator cab"

the above process is to illustrate the purpose of menu search. In the actual search, directly input the full names of "Xiagong" and "Sany" into the applicant's search input window, leave a space between the names of the two companies, and input "cab" into the invention name search input window. After confirmation, the above results can be obtained directly

in the above search results, only the titles and abstracts of patent documents are obtained, and the full text of the patent specification cannot be obtained. If you need to browse the full text of the manual, you need the support of a third-party software. You can download the relevant software to complete the full-text search under the relevant prompts on the website home page

2China intellectual property

China intellectual property was founded by the intellectual property press of the State Intellectual Property Office with the support of the government on June 10, 1999. Its address is. The patent literature data collected by this website is the electronic version of the patent bulletin published by the Intellectual Property Publishing House every week. The station's database contains all Chinese patent documents since the implementation of the patent system in 1985. As of July 2002, there were more than 1.5 million patent documents, including invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents. The last data is updated every Wednesday according to the legal disclosure day. It can carry out "basic search" and "advanced search", both of which can be used to query all Chinese patent data on and before the publication date

1) basic search

basic search has eight search input windows, which are: application patent number (the application number of Chinese patent is the same as the digital part of the patent number, the first eight digits of the digital part can be input, and the ninth verification code does not need to be input. For example, the patent number is zl.7, input), publication (filing) date, publication (filing) number, applicant (patentee), classification number (using the international patent classification number), abstract (referring to the abstract of the description of invention) Address (refers to the address of the applicant), name (refers to the name of the invention)

for example, a company claims in its product advertisement that it uses the Finnish patent, which is registered in China, and its public patent number is zl 0, try to retrieve its details. Input it into the search input window of the application patent number, and output the result after confirmation: the applicant essa mantini, whose address is sariyelvi, Finland, submitted an invention patent application named "paving device for road pavement materials" to the Chinese patent office on July 20, 1993. The Patent Office published the specification of the application on August 17, 1994, with the publication number of CN and the international patent classification number of e01c19/12

through the above search results, we can also get the following harvest: the full-text specification of the patent can be obtained by using the publication number. Other Chinese patent documents in the technical field of the paver can be obtained by re searching the international patent classification number of the patent. The name of the applicant can be used to search which patents the person has applied for in China

basic search is free of charge, but it cannot provide more detailed patent document services. Only users who have applied for and become members of Chinese intellectual property rights can use "advanced search" and obtain detailed information such as patent legal status, claims, full-text specifications, design drawings and so on

2) advanced search

advanced search is charged, but it provides a more comprehensive service. It provides 18 search input windows. In addition to the 8 entries of the basic search, there are 10 search entries, such as the CD number of the specification, the inventor (designer), the main classification number, the date of application, the date of issuance, the patent agency, the agent, priority, the original application number of the division, and the sovereignty item. Each input string has examples and detailed help information. Users can quickly master the retrieval method according to the tips and help information

3 the patent database of the World Patent Cooperation Organization (PCT)

in order to speed up the procedures of international patent applications and the dissemination of information, strengthen the international protection of inventions, and promote the technological progress and economic development of the contracting countries, the "Patent Cooperation treaty", referred to as PCT, was signed in the United States on June 19, 1970 with the promotion of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The treaty entered into force on January 24th, 1978, and now has more than 90 member states. China officially became a member state on January 1st, 1994. The PCT patent database contains the title page information of patent applications published since the date of "##5", including patent titles, abstracts, main drawings, etc. the data is updated once a week, synchronized with the printed and published PCT patent bulletin. The database only contains Chinese issued patents and is published in English.

address of the website: (Note: now the structure of this website should be changed to. The database provides three kinds of search surfaces. Users can get a free account by registering (generally filling in the name, company name, e-mail address, selected user name and password) or using "guest" as the user name and password to access its database, but its search level is different from that of registered users

1) simple search page

the simple search page has only one search input window. After inputting a single keyword or multiple keywords (when inputting multiple keywords, you can use the drop-down menu under the search box to select the logical relationship between them to determine the search scope), the results can be output after confirmation

for example, retrieve the soil surface leveling device of the impact roller. First, determine the search keywords: impact roller, soil, leveling device. Since you need to enter multiple keywords, select logical "and" to determine the search scope. The input format is: impact roller and soil and leveling device. The output result is: PCT patent application No. wo97/13924, invention patent name "soil scraper" (for impact roller), China is among the designated applicants, international patent classification No. e01c19/23 (in the field of soil roller compaction equipment), international patent specification publication date is April 17, 1997, priority date is October 13, 1995 (South Africa), the applicant is a British company: Compaction Technology (soil) Limited

2) structured search page

the structured search page has five search input windows: term1 (keyword 1), operator (logical operation), term2 (keyword 2), field1 (search field selection 1) and field2 (search field selection 2), which actually form two search planes

for example, search the safety protection devices of Caterpillar's construction machinery wheels. First, determine the search keyword is: wheel guard assembly, and the search field is: C. Use logical "and" to determine the search scope. The input format is: input wheel guard assembly in term1 input window, input and in operator input window, input C in term2 input window, select English title in field1 window, and select application name in field2 window. The output result is: PCT patent application No. wo99/36632, invention patent name "safety guard plate of wheel". There is no China in the designated application country, International Patent Classification No. e02d3/026 (field of soil compaction equipment), international patent specification publication date: July 22nd, 1999, priority date: January 15th, 1998 (United States)

1) main search page

main search page

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