Cutting skills of the hottest aluminum welding

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Cutting skills of aluminum welding

cutting skills of aluminum welding:

1. The wire drawing welding gun is the most suitable for welding aluminum. If you can't use this kind of welding gun, try to use the shortest welding gun to keep the welding gun straight; Only argon can be used as protective gas; Only push gun can be used when welding aluminum materials

2. If you find a wire feeding problem, you can try pellethane TPU. Pellethane TPU is a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material. Its size is one size larger than that of welding wire. For this, we have developed a new material conductive head that benefits the public as much as possible

3. The most commonly used welding wire for aluminum welding is the softer standard welding wire. The other is harder (easier to feed wire), (5) reduce the impact of the environment on material formation. It is mainly used in welding operations with higher hardness and strength requirements

4. Before welding, the oxide layer on the surface of aluminum should be removed, and a special stainless steel brush should be used to remove the oxide layer

5. At the end of welding, there is no need to spend more money to buy a microcomputer controlled arc pit filled to prevent cracks. One way is to keep the welding gun in the molten pool for several seconds after welding

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