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Sany pumping service engineer: pay sincerely to inherit culture

Sany pumping service engineer: pay sincerely to inherit culture

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Guide: there are such a group of people around us, most of them are post-80s and 90s, and they are dealing with mechanical equipment every day. In the early morning, the distance between the cutting and the experiment should not exceed 24h, and when we stopped the aging experiment, we all fell asleep, and they may still be repairing equipment on a construction site; At five or six o'clock in the morning, most young men in Ningbo haven't woke up yet. They

there is a group of people around us. Most of them are post-80s and post-90s generation. They deal with mechanical equipment every day. In the early morning, we were all asleep. His subdivisions were at the forefront of the world. They may still be repairing equipment on a construction site; At five or six o'clock in the morning, most of the young men have not woken up, and they have been hurriedly called to the construction site; In hot summer, they repair the equipment against the scorching sun. They are Sany pumping after-sales service engineers

Jiangnan may has entered the plum rain season, and most people choose to stay at home. As the after-sales service guys of Sany Zhejiang agent, they are on standby at any time. As long as the customer has a demand, they will give the customer a satisfactory answer at the first time. As long as there is a service instruction, they will rush to the customer to solve the equipment failure at any time. Now let's follow Xiong Gong, an after-sales service engineer of Sany, and learn about the work and life of these post-80s and post-90s guys from his work bit by bit...

I. get out early

in order to save time, he often can't even buy breakfast, and will try to choose the shortest distance from customers. Today, I was lucky to go to the customer's construction site and bought breakfast at the place I passed by

when he arrived at the construction site, he began to get busy. This is an old pump car from 2003. The customer said that the car had problems as soon as it started this morning

although these boys are young, their working ability is quite excellent. Of course, excellent skills can't be learned in a day or two. Without twoorthree years of hard work, it's difficult to achieve today's "cure the disease at hand". After a while, the equipment problem of this unit was solved, but he was not idle. His next job was to take the initiative to check the equipment of several units on the nearby construction site and record the use of the equipment

after completing the inspection of a 2011 on-board pump, Xiong Gong received a notice from the enterprise control center that there was something wrong with a customer's mixing plant, so he drove away again...

Second, transfer the "battlefield"

in Jiangnan during the plum rain season, the weather changes too fast. At this time, it has been raining heavily outside. In order not to affect the maintenance progress of the equipment, he disassembled the parts, Take it to a newly built house and carefully check and repair it. Perhaps, in his heart, no matter how heavy the rain is outside or how dirty the clothes are, helping customers solve problems is what they should do

in the eyes of the author, their work is hard, but compared with their hard work, I can always see a smile on their faces at any time

III. lunch

after handling the failure of the mixing plant, he will go to another construction site to do on-site training for a new customer operator

customer training is just the most basic work for service engineers. After completing the on-site training, it was time for lunch. There were no tables and stools. However, any relatively clean place on the site was their restaurant, which became their dining place

IV. training

in the afternoon, Xiong Gong also needs to complete two customer theoretical knowledge trainings

there is no training room, and the canteen of the customer unit and the bulletin board have become their training venues and blackboards. Three or five operators, a laptop computer, a dining table, a blackboard and a whiteboard pen have formed the customer training scene of Sany service engineers. There are not too many gorgeous words, only sincere efforts, but all these are enough to confirm and interpret Sany's service concept of "everything for customers, create customer value". They also sincerely hope that through continuous and repeated training, they have trained a group of excellent operators and maintenance personnel for customers. At the same time, To a certain extent, it can effectively reduce the use cost of the existing experimental machine by adopting ordinary 3-camera electricity or frequency conversion Electromechanical

v. burn the midnight oil

after completing the two training sessions in the afternoon, the work of the day is basically completed, but all this does not mean that the engineer can rest. No, just after dinner, the enterprise control center informed that a towing pump needs to be constructed at night, and hoped that the engineer would go to overhaul...

the whole day passed quietly with the busy work of Xiong Gong, But I saw the inheritance of Sany service culture from his running steps. Some people may think that the post-80s and post-90s young men are a generation of self seeking and personalized, but in Sany pumping service engineers, I see tenacity, a positive spirit, and a service pursuit of dedication and selfless dedication

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