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Sany pumping: leading service achievements four first

Guide: Recently, at the 2011 user satisfaction evaluation results conference of the construction machinery industry, Sany's eight categories of products won the first place in user satisfaction of their own brands, among which pumping products with excellent product and service quality monopolized four seats, becoming the biggest winner of this evaluation. In construction machinery

recently, at the 2011 user satisfaction evaluation results conference of the construction machinery industry, eight categories of products under Sany ranked first in terms of user satisfaction of their own brands, among which pumping products, with excellent product and service quality, occupied four seats and became the biggest winner in this evaluation

in the construction machinery industry, excellent product quality is only the first step to obtain customers' recognition, and excellent service quality can truly capture customers' hearts and achieve customers' deep recognition. As we all know, service is one of the core competitiveness of Sany. As the leader of Sany service, the pumping business unit won this honor with high service quality, which means that Sany pumping service has been highly recognized by customers and the industry

advanced service concept creates core competitiveness

in 2000, chairman Liang Wengen strategically proposed "R & D and service" as the two core competitiveness of Sany. Based on such a strategic positioning, Sany put forward the core service concept of "creating value for customers", took "exceeding customer expectations and industry standards" as the unremitting service goal, and provided customers with value maximization services with high standards and strict attitude

under the guidance of such a concept, Sany pumping continues to improve its service concept, create a positive service cultural atmosphere in Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone, which is located in the core area of Sanjiaozhou, the Yangtze River, and let every service staff make every effort to provide customers with the highest satisfaction. 4. Output results, such as digital display or screen display. "The customer is always right", "only what the customer can't think of, nothing we can't do", "I'm busy when the customer is free, I'll learn when the customer is busy"... The seemingly empty slogans of rapid market growth have now become the creed stationed in the hearts of every service staff, and annotate the true meaning of the service concept with practical actions. In response to the changes in customer expectations, Sany pumping is also innovating on the theme of service every year. From the "year of skill improvement", "year of moving customers" to the "year of value service", customer value has been continuously improved

fast service response speed ensures the interests of customers

the high-intensity continuous construction of construction machinery puts forward high requirements for the response speed of after-sales service, especially for concrete machinery. A minute by minute neglect may mean that customers suffer equipment pipe blockage or even greater losses. Sany pumping, with the service concept of creating customer value, has always regarded service speed as the lifeline. In the "worry free life" service commitment launched in 2011, it clearly puts forward the commitment of "five rapids", whether it is "reply in a quarter of an hour, arrive in two hours", "customers need to answer within a quarter of an hour", or "general faults are handled in 24 hours", "common accessories are handled in 24 hours", A series of figures all highlight the importance and pursuit of Sany pumping for service response speed

the reason why Sany pumping can make such quantitative commitments and rigorous compensation standards is inseparable from its strong service resource system and advanced information service means. At present, Sany pumps more than 700 service points all over the country, including cities and even counties. Where there are Sany equipment, there will be Sany service points; More than 3000 highly skilled and executive service engineers are ready to assemble and stand by at any time to solve customers' problems; More than 450 parts warehouses have formed a four in one parts supply guarantee system of headquarters warehouse, regional center warehouse, provincial warehouse and prefecture level warehouse, and stored more than 800 thousand kinds of spare parts worth more than 500 million yuan for users to choose from. From 800 service, 4008 call center to the industry's first ECC enterprise control center, GCP global portal, and then to 6S store, which integrates six functions: vehicle sales, parts supply, after-sales service, information feedback, product display, and professional training, Sany continues to increase its investment in service hardware to ensure rapid response to customer needs

endless innovation constantly improves customer value

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany, once said: "use a paranoid attitude, exhaust all means, and achieve an unprecedented level of service". Like technological innovation, Sany pumping also launched a "ruthless" subversion and impact on the old system with innovative service modes and means

passive service, active service, one-stop service... Sany pumping's innovation in service mode makes it a well deserved leader in industry service. The "worry free life" service commitment released on July 8th, 2011 once again revolutionizes the traditional equipment service into a value chain service, establishes a closed matrix covering the whole life cycle of the equipment from the service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost and quality standards, and integrates all links before, during and after the customer purchases the equipment into a value chain oriented by the customer's needs, so that customers can choose and buy equipment The whole process of using equipment, operating equipment and maintaining equipment will undoubtedly bring customers a value experience that is not available in the first aspect and improve the overall service level of the industry

first class products and services have not only achieved high recognition from customers, but also changed the industry pattern. Since 2002, Sany pumping machinery market share has ranked first in China, becoming a leading brand in China. At the same time, Sany has also become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer. (Mei Feng)

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