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Sany products appear on the German Embassy open day to interpret the rise of China's strength

Sany products appear on the German Embassy open day to interpret the rise of China's strength

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on April 24, the opening day of the German Embassy in Beijing arrived as scheduled. The open day is one of the three major activities of the German Embassy every year, which aims to promote German culture and further narrow the distance with the Chinese people. On the open day, in addition to the performances of German food, beer, Alex, the top figure of German soft rope sports, there were also beautiful cars representing German made brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. It is worth mentioning that the appearance of Sany stc750s hybrid crane together with that made in Germany fully illustrates the rise of China's strength

Sany has a deep relationship with made in Germany. Sany group is a partner of very few local Chinese enterprises on the open day of the German Embassy

in June 2011, Sany Industrial Park in bedburg, Germany, was put into operation, which is by far the largest investment project of Chinese enterprises in Europe; In 2012, Sany Heavy industry got married with Putzmeister, an old and powerful German manufacturer, and started a milestone journey. This series of investments deepened the exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany

on the open day, Frank Rueckert, head of the Economic Department of the German Embassy, in which kn100 and kp100 are the highest protection levels, spoke highly of Sany's investment in Germany: "the cooperation between Sany and Putzmeister is a model of cooperation between China and Germany, and Putzmeister's employees are very satisfied with Chinese managers."

when talking about the strategic transformation of the traditional machinery industry, Frank Rueckert believes that Germany has achieved strategic transformation. Before that, the challenge facing Germany was the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises and the governance environment. To this end, German enterprises have made important contributions, and German manufacturing has realized the transformation. In this regard, there is great potential for cooperation between China and Germany. They should exchange what they need with an open attitude. Companies like March 11 are welcome to invest in Germany. He said: "the promotion and Realization of industry 4.0 must play a key role in the future. Germany is the initiator and advocate of industry 4.0. Many solutions come from Germany. Chinese and German enterprises should jointly promote the realization of industry 4.0."

Zhao Shuai, assistant to the president of Sany group and director of the president's office, said at the symposium that made in Germany has always been respected by SANY, and internationalization is an important strategy of Sany. After cooperating with Putzmeister, they have accumulated a lot of experience, and the two sides have achieved common development

on that day, Sany stc750s hybrid crane attracted many spectators. This product is the world's first hybrid 75 ton truck crane launched by SANY in 2013. On the basis of the six advantages of S-type 75 ton product super long U-shaped main boom, heavy-duty high-strength frame, new turntable structure, electric proportional pump control system, innovative chassis layout and comfortable driving space, hybrid stc750 has also innovated a number of world leading technologies

according to the introduction, stc750s hybrid crane exclusively adopts five patented technologies: series hybrid technology, multi working condition combination technology, engine power optimization control technology, high-efficiency electric energy distribution technology and battery counterweight technology to provide quality assurance. The cost of boarding operation is reduced by 45%, the cost of engine maintenance is reduced by 30%, the inching performance of operation is increased by 20%, the noise of operation is reduced by 45%, and the operation is zero emission, silent Environmental sustainability, its economy, comfort and high reliability are comprehensively upgraded, representing the advanced manufacturing level of China's wheeled cranes

the German ambassador to China said that the opening day of the Embassy in China opened a window between Germany and the Chinese people, and also built a bridge between made in China and made in Germany. On the opening day, Sany brand and sany equipment were displayed on the same stage with their German partners and ranked among the top manufacturing clubs, which not only shortened the distance between them, but also showed China's strength

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