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Sany pure electric port tractors are put into operation in batches in Xiamen, charging for 1 hour and working all day

Sany pure electric port tractors are put into operation in batches in Xiamen, charging for 1 hour and working all day

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on December 10, five pure electric port tractors independently developed by SANY were officially put into operation at Xiamen Port Hairun wharf, which is the first batch of commercial pure electric port tractors in China

based on the problems of energy crisis and environmental pollution, the development of new energy vehicles has become a general trend. However, in the wharf transportation industry, operators still have a skeptical and conservative attitude towards pure electric tractors, and are not sure whether new energy vehicles will have an adverse impact on business benefits

based on its rich experience in port equipment production and excellent technical level, Sany launched a pure electric tractor and joined hands with Xiamen Port Holdings Group to make a strong response with science and technology, breaking doubts and leading the development of the industry

technical characteristics of Sany pure electric port tractor

this tractor is a 4x2 pure electric tractor, and the dead weight of the whole vehicle is only 9250kg. From the perspective of vehicle specification, cab and chassis suspension, it is not much different from general fuel tractors, and the power system is the key technology

1. Drive system: double motor +2-speed gearbox. The vehicle fully considers the working environment of the port. The single machine works when the box is empty, and the double motor works when the box is heavy. 10km/h-30km/h is the efficient range of the motor, which is more energy-saving and efficient than the traditional design. The total rated power of the motor is 180kW, and it is matched with a 2-speed gearbox with simple structure, which not only improves the power and handling, but also reduces the maintenance parts and effectively reduces the failure rate

2. Lithium iron phosphate battery system. The battery type of the car is lithium iron phosphate battery, which has the characteristics of high safety, environmental protection and long cycle life. The battery pack adopts modular design, and the high-voltage distribution box is multi-in-one, which reduces the number of parts and components, and can effectively reduce the failure rate of the whole vehicle. The approved storage energy of the vehicle is 268.7kwh, which can be configured as required to meet the proportional limit of different wharf working conditions σ P is the demand for the maximum stress representing the proportional relationship between metal stress and strain (i.e. according to Hooke's law)

3. Charging efficiency and braking energy feedback the vehicle is equipped with a dual gun charging port. In the fast charging mode, it can be charged to 95% in 60 minutes. At the same time, the auxiliary motor of the car, as the generator of braking energy, realizes the auxiliary braking effect, which is equivalent to a retarder, improves the braking efficiency and reduces the wear of brake pads

4. The safety is improved. The anti-collision beam is added after the cab, and the protective fence is added at the side. The safety prevents the iron tools from being immersed in the electrolyte for a long time, and the whole performance is greatly improved

Sany pure electric port tractor operating performance

1, heavy load, good power

the maximum traction mass of this tractor is 55000kg, which can carry two containers at the same time. Unlike the internal combustion engine, which needs to increase the speed to obtain large torque, the pure electric tractor can output strong power when starting, and the acceleration of 0~30km/h is less than 25s

2. Fast charging and long endurance. In 2018, the container throughput of Xiamen Port completed 10.7023 million TEU, ranking 14th in the world. The wharf operates day and night, and the problem of endurance is a very important point for Xiamen Port Holdings Group to select Sany. It is understood that this tractor has a range of more than 120 kilometers (equivalent to 18 hours of operation) under the conditions of port conditions and air conditioning. It can be charged for one hour to meet the load operation of one day

3. According to economic accounting, compared with fuel vehicles, Sany pure electric container tractors can save 150000 yuan/year of fuel costs and 8000 yuan/year of energy-saving maintenance costs based on 120km/day of operating mileage. Because pure electric vehicles do not have the noise of diesel vehicles, even in the driving state. 1. Basic functions, the cab is very quiet. The use of offset cab greatly improves the driving field of vision, stability and comfort, greatly reduces the driver's work fatigue, and improves the work efficiency.

this is not the first time that Xiamen Port purchases Sany pure electric products, in response to the national "win the blue sky defense war" Xiamen port is actively building a new generation of green ecological port. Last year, Sany pure electric Container Stacker was introduced. This year, it will continue to increase the size and batch use new energy tractors

Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. will take advantage of the trend, continue to innovate, focus on green energy conservation, digitization and intellectualization, and continue to promote the intelligent and green development of ports and terminals

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