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Sany parfiger: double the output and become the main theme

Sany parfiger: double the output and become the main theme

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"the combination of Chinese and Western" is a remarkable feature of Sany parfiger Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sany parfiger"). The strong cooperation between Sany Heavy Industry and parfiger has given Sany parfiger a deep development heritage. Since the second half of 2016, the eight major construction machinery products have increased across the board, and the busy state of Sany parfiger has continued. In the production workshop, workers can be seen everywhere

workers in the production line (photographed by Chen Bin, Rudong new media)

Sany parfiger, founded in 2012, was officially put into operation in November 2014. Its main products include truck mounted cranes, aerial work vehicles, boom hooks, sanitation vehicles, obstacle removal vehicles and other special vehicles. Today, Sany parfiger has monopolized the large tonnage and large tonnage market in Xuzhou XCMG, stone coal truck and other leading enterprises. According to China Construction machinery trade, in 2017, Sany parfiger produced more than 1150 truck mounted cranes. It is estimated that the output this year will be 1.5 times that of last year

while optimizing the series of truck mounted cranes, Sany parfiger also added a series of special vehicles for smart cities in 2016. Now it has successfully launched special vehicles such as environmental sanitation and how does the technical indicators and configuration of municipal experimental machines look. So far, the company's products have formed more than 100 types of six series, with a total of 30 patents applied for, including 6 in 2017. Today, Sany parfiger is constantly expanding its domestic sales market, and its products are gradually increasing their market share from South China and North China to northeast, northwest, southwest and other regional markets. According to China Construction machinery trade, Sany parfiger has set up more than 100 sales points, more than 60 service points and parts centers across the country, forming a nationwide sales service network, which can provide customers with timely, efficient and high-quality services. While the domestic market is growing steadily, Sany parfiger's overseas market has also achieved gratifying results. Its export destination has expanded from the original South American region to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the lower platen has landed in Russia and Africa. It has independently developed 40 international sales agents, with an export volume of more than 400 sets in 2016

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