The hottest Sany port aircraft landed in Guatemala

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Sany port machinery landed Guatemalan president cut the ribbon for the product

Sany port machinery landed Guatemalan president cut the ribbon for the product

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on the morning of the 17th local time in Guatemala, the port of San Jose, Guatemala's second largest port located in the Caribbean Sea region of North and Central America, welcomed the first batch of Sany port machinery 6 balanced cross rolled steel plate heavy forking equipment, To this end, the port authority held a grand press conference, and Guatemalan president Otto Peres personally attended the scene and cut the ribbon for the event

president Peres (second from the left in the front row) watched the Sany Heavy fork equipment

activity site. President Peres boarded the heavy fork equipment with interest and carried out a test drive under the guidance of the operator. After feeling the excellent performance, he couldn't help praising the Sany equipment with the Latin tradition of "thumbs up". President Peres also shook hands with Feng duo, a Sany service engineer who was working on the site, and took a group photo as a souvenir, encouraging Sany to provide more high-quality equipment for the development of Guatemala

zhuwenkui, deputy general manager of Sany port machinery and general manager of the marketing company, said that the heavy fork equipment successfully entered the Guatemalan port market, thanks to the strong innovation ability of Sany group, especially Sany port machinery, as well as the absolute competitive advantages of "customized design" and "rapid delivery"

After ten years of development, Sany port machinery has become a professional supplier of port machinery and engineering ship complete sets of equipment with the largest tonnage, the most complete series and the most advanced technology in China. At present, it has industrial parks in Changsha and Zhuhai, and its business involves three major sectors: port machinery, engineering ships and marine engineering equipment. It has formed three major sectors: front crane, stacker, heavy fork, dump truck, shore bridge, yard bridge It is a full series of products with 16 categories and more than 150 specifications, mainly including gate seats, overhead cranes and concrete mixing ships. Among them, the front crane and stacker have ranked first in the domestic market share for four consecutive years

data show that in 2009, Sany Hong Kong Machinery's domestic market share exceeded 40%, and its domestic market share jumped to the first place for the first time. In 2011, Sany port machinery achieved a sales revenue of 1.005 billion yuan, and the domestic market share of front crane and stacker crane reached 63.8% and 60.8% respectively, ranking first for three consecutive years

after taking the lead in China, in recent years, Sany port machinery has set up one-way USB interface equipment and continuously moved to the overseas market, making a series of remarkable achievements. Sany port machinery can be seen in all major ports around the world, and the brand influence of Sany port machinery has gradually penetrated the world

Sany Port Machinery Co., Ltd. is also facing unprecedented good opportunities. Vigorously developing marine technology and equipment is an important part of the national "12th Five Year Plan". Coupled with the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Sany Hong Kong Machinery Co., Ltd. will show its strength. Sany Port Machinery Co., Ltd. will spare no effort to expand the markets in Xinjiang and Central Asia, and develop products with regional characteristics. At the same time, it will also deeply cultivate the market along the Silk Road and the Eurasian Continental Bridge to create a larger platform

in the American market, Sany port machinery also showed a benign development trend. Some experts revealed that the economic and trade cooperation between China and North America is constantly strengthening, and it is expected that the bilateral cooperation relationship will be further improved in the near future, and sany will usher in new development opportunities in the central and North American market. The ice breaking Guatemala market is another major breakthrough in the implementation of the "going out" strategy for China's high-end equipment manufacturing represented by SANY

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