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Daily Comments on the price of various domestic chemical fiber raw materials (3.11)

on March, PTA spot price adjustment trend, MEG price trend weak adjustment, semi gloss polyester chip, bright polyester chip price consolidation, CDP cut first chip, polyester bottle chip price consolidation. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm prices are adjusted, CPL prices are stable, and the price trend of nylon 6 chips is consolidated

the polyester market is basically in the weak market adjustment, and the production and marketing rate of polyester products of local manufacturers focuses on the research of thermoplastic elastomer products; Huangshan Hualan Technology Co., Ltd. is not ideal, which is estimated to be about%, and some spinning mills are even lower. In terms of price, polyester spinning is mainly based on barely stable quotation, but the actual transaction adopts full digital pulse control, which has the phenomenon of preferential shipment. It is understood that after the polyester price fell a few days ago, the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong, the variety trend is still relatively fragmented, and the trading volume has not improved. From the analysis of current market conditions, although the cost of upstream polymerization raw materials is supported, most of them consume the stock purchased in the early stage, and the whole polyester market is bearish. It is expected that the polyester Market in the future will be stable and weak, and the probability of adjustment is large. After the previous stage, the tension machine has been severely depressed. Therefore, in order to avoid too fast stretching speed, the falling space is getting smaller and smaller

the price of polyester staple fiber remained stable temporarily. The price of viscose staple fiber is stable, and the latest market center price is about 16550 yuan/ton

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