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Sany North America R & D base small batch production to achieve made in the United States

Sany North America R & D base small batch production to achieve made in the United States

China Construction machinery information

Guide: from March 22 to 26, Sany Heavy Industry took its products to the Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition in the United States, and a representative touch of Chinese red in its brand logo attracted much attention at the exhibition. It is learned that on May 31 this year, the R & D and manufacturing center in peacetree, Georgia, will

from March 22 to 26, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and its products appeared at the Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition in the United States, and a representative "China Red" in its brand logo attracted much attention at the exhibition

learned that in May this year, Sany's R & D and manufacturing center in peacetree, Georgia, will be officially put into production, which means that the company is also exhibiting itself as a genuine American company. Sany's construction machinery has changed from made in China to "made in the United States"

"the sales of Sany group will exceed 100billion in 2012, of which the overseas market will account for 35% - 40% During the exhibition, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, revealed in an exclusive interview with the securities times

the project in the United States has been produced in small quantities

it is understood that, following the investment of US $60million in the Indian market for the construction of two production bases in the north and south, Sany Heavy Industry officially signed an agreement with the Georgia government of the United States to invest US $60million in the construction machinery R & D and manufacturing base on September 12, 2007. According to the agreement, Sany Heavy Industry will requisition 1600 mu of land in peacetree, Georgia, to build Sany American R & D center and manufacturing center, produce and sell Sany products, and radiate the Canadian and Mexican markets through the base. The base plans to achieve a production capacity of about $500million within five years

Xiang Wenbo told that the infrastructure project of Sany Georgia R & D and manufacturing center was officially launched on June 18, 2010. At present, the first phase of the project has been completed, with 38000 square meters of new assembly workshop area and nearly 6000 square meters of office buildings completed

thank you! It is reported that as Sany's first R & D and manufacturing base in North America, its main functions are the R & D, marketing, manufacturing and installation of truss arm crawler cranes, all terrain cranes, concrete pump trucks, hydraulic excavators, graders, front cranes, container trucks and rotary drilling rigs. The most common construction thickness is 3.2mm (0.125 inches). After completion, the assembly workshop mainly produces crawler cranes, cross-country cranes, excavators, graders and pump trucks

at present, Sany American company has 108 employees, of which about 70% are local employees in the United States with little engineering significance. There are 60 R & D personnel, most of whom are from internationally renowned research institutions, including top experts in the industry. At present, most of the products for the North American market have been successfully developed, and some of them have entered small batch production

Sany's "third venture"

"internationalization still needs to consider localization first. Localization is the foundation of internationalization, and localization includes the localization of products and talents, and even the localization of production and management system." When talking about the experience and lessons of Sany overseas development, Xiang Wenbo repeatedly emphasized localization. He said that especially in the construction machinery industry, customers in different regions have different preferences and different requirements for equipment. He said: "internationalization is a tough battle that must be fought. Sany regards it as the third entrepreneurship." The first two startups of Sany group were enterprise start-ups and stock listings

As the third venture, Sany internationalization has gone through three stages: the export stage from 2002 to 2005, the overseas investment stage from 2006 to 2009 and the localization stage from 2009. In the first stage, Sany first exported four PQ190 graders to India and Morocco, and then exported products in batches to 115 countries and regions, with an annual export volume of 523 million US dollars; In the second stage, Sany successively invested in India, the United States, Germany and other places to build scientific research and production bases; In the third stage, marked by the official production of the Indian factory, the localization global development road of investment, design, production and sales began

Xiang Wenbo said that Sany had made full preparations for the third venture. The first is to establish famous brands. Sany has set many strict standards for itself, and is fully in line with international standards in production, technology, quality inspection, environmental protection, service, etc; The second is to establish an international marketing network. Now Sany has 30 overseas subsidiaries and has built 15 logistics centers around the world; Followed by the construction of an international technology R & D network, R & D institutions are widely established in China and developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan and so on

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