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Daily Comments on the price of various domestic chemical fiber raw materials (3.4)

on March, PTA spot price consolidation trend, MEG price trend adjustment, semi gloss polyester chip and bright polyester chip price consolidation, CDP chip price stability, polyester bottle chip price temporarily stable. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm is adjusted, and the price trend of CPL and nylon 6 chips is temporarily stable

the polyester market is basically in the process of adjustment. The purchase intention of the downstream is hidden from time to time according to the draft. The trend of varieties in the market is relatively scattered. The production and marketing rate of polyester products of local manufacturers is about% on Saturday, and the production and marketing rate of some spinning factories is slightly higher. The price of fine chemicals and functional materials has become a new trend in the industry. In terms of chemical fiber factories, the quotation is mainly barely stable. On Sunday, the high-end polyester price of a large factory in Shengze was lowered by yuan/t, and the procurement strategy of downstream weaving factories and texturing enterprises became cautious. It is learned from several surrounding and local chemical fiber factories that the ex factory price of polyester has no intention of price adjustment for the time being, and it is mainly based on the shipment volume. Next week, it will be mainly based on the stable adjustment of the 3 adjustment market. However, the downstream weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises do not have much polyester inventory, the replenishment procurement will be revealed in a small range, and the trading volume will maintain the trend next week. However, at present, the same standard high and low prices in the polyester market are far away. It is estimated that It is possible that the price of high-end silk will be reduced the day after tomorrow

the specification of polyester staple fiber is 1.4d × The price of 38mm Market Center rose to 11700 yuan/ton, 50 yuan/ton compared with the price on last Friday. The price of viscose staple fiber is stable, and the latest market center price is about 17000 yuan/ton

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