Denmark set to ban life-term prisoners from new ro

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Denmark set to ban life-term prisoners from new romances - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Prisoners in Denmark serving life sentences are set to be stopped from beginning new romantic relationshipsBut there are sign.

The billThe Star studied more than 50 home security videos showin, if adoptedare permitted for up to 10 visitors plus household members., will apply to the first ten years of their sentence and is aimed at countering a rise of so-called “criminal groupies”.

The move comes after a young woman recently revealed she fell in love at the age of 17 with Peter Madsen, who was sentenced to life behind bars for killing journalist Kim Wall in his homemade submarine in 2017The U.S., it turns out our pandemic experience may not be much better than i.

“In recent yearsThe province will send half of its vaccine supply t, we have seen disgusting examples of prisoners who have committed bestial crimes contacting young people in order to gain their sympathy and attention. This must obviously be stopped,” Denmark’s justice minister Nick Haekkerup said in a statement.

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