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It only arranges various spaces more compactly, and at the same time, it also allows various functions to be flexibly realized

it only arranges various spaces more compactly, but also allows various functions to be flexibly realized. The cold and warm patterns shuttle back and forth, and the contrasting colors are closely adjacent. In fact, the soft contrast is also a kind of harmony, as if “ Pleasing to the eye ” A girl with exquisite facial features is not special, but it's comfortable to get together. What we want at home is this comfortable feeling. Let the small apartment of 40 square meters be vivid, convex and concave, and various spatial functions are complete. Designers will maximize the use of each wall. Because the room is small and the owner has many items, the spacing of each layer should be designed according to centimeters. The inflection point of each corner is also determined according to the centimeter. For example, how much space should be reserved for the TV concave wall to put down the TV, and how much space should be reserved behind the sofa to put down the double sofa? These are all items first, and then determine the scale of the space

small rooms are also fashionable and efficient, with 40 square meters small house type

book bar living alone in a corner. There is a window in the hidden aisle behind the screen curtain to let the desk get enough light. What is independent style? Is it your understanding of life, the trend of social aesthetics, or the desire of a deeper heart? In fact, many styles are not defined when they have not become a genre, but with elements and rules, there is a pure and impure difference. Just like the life of young people is a blank sheet of paper, slowly planning. Style is also a process of self discovery. The colorful national style sometimes looks like an exhibition hall, which is gorgeous but not quiet; The soft tone usually can't convey the wild and unrestrained, so the flower pattern has become a typical symbol of rural style, creating a fresh, bright and elegant tone. Young wuyanmin wants to find a fulcrum in these feelings, some simple, some natural, some unrestrained, so that all kinds of stripes and flower patterns can be coordinated. Although this attempt is still a little immature, it can well show the owner's young curiosity and desire for autonomy. Being yourself is enough. One day, I will move to a big house, and the dream of all that begins with today's youth like age, beginning with every period of time and space that is full and happy now. Perhaps the most unforgettable thing in your life is today's small house





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