Aluminum alloy or plastic steel profile for balcon

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At present, there are mainly two kinds of materials used for balcony packaging, one is aluminum alloy, the other is plastic steel profile

aluminum alloy is a widely used decorative material at present, and its product quality and construction technology are relatively mature. However, when decorating, consumers had better find a regular construction team to serve, so as to avoid problems such as shoddy, Jerry built and so on. Plastic steel profiles are emerging decorative materials in recent years. Compared with other door and window materials, the thermal insulation and sound insulation functions of doors and windows made of plastic are more than 30% higher, while the cost is only about 10% of aluminum alloy materials. If it is used with double-layer glass, the effect will be greatly improved. If plastic doors and windows with good sealing performance are used, energy can be saved by 30% to 50%, and indoor noise can be reduced to 1/3 of outdoor noise, maintained at about 30 dB. Therefore, when the decoration budget is relatively abundant, it is recommended that consumers use plastic steel doors and windows for balcony packaging





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