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Now, when people decorate the wall, they always use wallpaper, but when they buy wallpaper, they always regret that they don't know enough about it. Xiaobian sorted out some common mistakes in buying wallpaper, and I hope it will help you

now, people always use Wallpapers when decorating walls, but when buying wallpapers, they always regret that they don't know enough about wallpapers. Xiaobian sorted out some common mistakes in buying wallpapers. I hope it will help you

Columbus Wallpaper Icon floor

myth 1: wallpapers are not environmentally friendly enough and harmful to human body

correction: This is a wrong statement. From the current production and technology of wallpapers, most Wallpapers do not contain harmful substances such as lead and benzene, and from the perspective of application, the more developed countries have higher requirements for environmental protection, while the demand and use of wallpapers in developed countries are much higher than ours

Myth 2: wallpaper is not easy to take care of when it is dirty for a short time, and its color is easy to change after a long time

correction: latex paint is easy to peel off, discolor, dirty and difficult to clean after a few years of use, and its color is also single. The use of new materials makes the service life of wallpaper as long as 5 to 8 years, while the service life of brand wallpaper products such as holy elephant is even more than 10 years

of course, residents can also choose to change wallpaper at any time to create a different home style and atmosphere. The new wallpaper is also very easy to take care of. If it is dirty, just wipe it with a wet cloth, and the color will not change

myth 3: wallpaper is easy to fall off and troublesome to update

correction: This is not the problem of wallpaper itself, but the pasting process does not meet the requirements. Now, brand wallpaper manufacturers such as holy elephant often have a well-trained professional construction team to provide perfect after-sales service for wallpaper pavement

myth 4: the cost of wallpapers is high

correction: among wallpapers, the price of imported wallpapers is higher than that of domestic wallpapers, the price of natural wallpapers is higher than that of PVC wallpapers, and the price of wallpapers of big brands is higher than that of miscellaneous wallpapers. However, no matter which brand manufacturer, it will take into account the purchasing power of the consumer groups targeted by its products. Moreover, the effect that wallpaper can embody and create is far from that of other decorative materials, which is a super value choice

correction: wallpapers can be divided into natural materials, synthetic materials, fabric materials and metal materials. The environmental protection and performance of different materials are very different, and the suitable space and style are also different

wallpapers have obvious advantages in home decoration, which is exciting. But in order not to leave a little regret for future home life, you still need a pair of 'golden eyes' when shopping. Chen Ying, the designer of the icon wallpaper, advised consumers that when purchasing wallpaper, they should not only be attracted by beautiful colors and patterns, but also pay attention to the following points

note 1: brand

choosing wallpaper is the same as other goods. Brand, price and style are all in the comparison items of consumers. In order to ensure that you can buy products with excellent quality, safety and environmental protection, you must look at the brand when choosing wallpaper, which has a great relationship with product quality and after-sales service

note 2: environmental protection

when buying wallpaper, consumers cannot easily believe that 'imported', 'expensive' or even show 'environmental protection and green certificate' is a good product. Whether the product quality is qualified or not requires consumers to 'smell' it with their noses when purchasing or inspecting goods

close to the sample or product, smell whether there is obvious strange smell of chemicals. In case of slight alcohol like smell, it is a newly launched product, which can be used with confidence

note 3: wallpaper number and batch number

although some wallpapers have the same number, there may be subtle differences in color due to different production dates, and the batch number on each roll of wallpapers represents the same color, so pay attention to whether the number and batch number of each roll of wallpapers are the same when purchasing

when purchasing Wallpapers of the same batch number, there should be some surplus, so as to avoid insufficient consumption during decoration and future maintenance, which will cause color difference on the wall and leave regret




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