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On November 14, the first large-diameter shield machine made in China, jointly developed by China railway construction heavy industry group and China Railway 16th Bureau Group, went offline in Changsha, breaking the foreign technological monopoly, It will accelerate China's rapid urbanization and the construction of large railways

on the morning of November 20, the technicians of China railway construction heavy industry began to disassemble the first domestic large-diameter railway shield machine. In a few days, the "pioneer" with an excavation diameter of 8.8 meters and a total length of 100 meters will be transported to Guangdong to serve the Guangzhou Zhuhai intercity rail transit line

Changsha's shield machine and rotary drilling rig beat the international brand "Nuggets" metro engineering market.

in addition to shield machines, Hunan also has a leading R & D level in a variety of underground engineering machinery at home and even abroad. The rotary drilling rig and series roadheader developed by Shanhe intelligent and the underground diaphragm wall hydraulic double wheel slot milling machine developed by Zoomlion also actively seize the markets outside the province and even abroad with advanced technology, showing the strong strength of the Hunan army of engineering machinery

Changsha shield machine

"beat the top foreign goods"

many Changsha people do not know that the most important and critical shield tunneling construction in subway construction has the participation of foreign technical equipment in other cities

a few years ago, the domestic shield machine market was controlled by western countries. However, Changsha has broken this monopoly pattern in the past few years. All subway construction uses local technology and equipment, becoming the only city in China that has successfully used domestic shield tunneling for subway construction

independent research and development breaks through the technical blockade

being controlled by others is the feeling of domestic tunnel construction enterprises on the tunneling shield technology in the past. At that time, the price of each shield machine was about 150million yuan, with a profit of more than 40%. What's more encouraging is that the replacement of blades and parts in the process of use is not only prohibitively expensive, but also takes three months to replace parts. The on-site service fee starts from the time when the maintenance personnel leave the country...

. In order to find chengyongliang, a veteran in the field of shield tunneling in China, the head of China railway construction heavy industry went to Henan that year to "look at the thatched cottage" and gave him the highest salary in the whole group. He was promoted three levels in succession. He also asked this young technician with only a bachelor's degree and an intermediate title to manage an innovation team of more than 400 people, including 6 doctoral students

since then, the national "863" plan and the national science and technology support plan have given generous support. Major special funds for science and technology in Hunan Province and Changsha followed up one after another

electrical is the control system of shield machine. CRCC heavy industries changed the design of oil immersed transformer into box type transformer, which has stronger structural integration and higher protection level, and solved the problem of limited space for foreign shield products

hydraulic pressure is the "brain" and "the nerve should be selected according to the situation" of the shield machine. CRCC heavy industries selects standard products, which are convenient for users and low in market price

machinery is the key to the safety and efficiency of shield machine cutterhead operation. CRCC heavy industry broke the traditional design concept and increased the opening rate of the cutter head by 20%, which not only saves electricity and energy, improves the service life of the cutter head, but also ensures the safe construction of personnel

in just two years, the first shield machine independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry, "pioneer 19", was successfully rolled off the production line, and the localization rate reached 87%, setting the highest record for independent intellectual property rights of shield machines in China

in the competition of Changsha Metro shield machine, the shield scheme of China railway construction heavy industry has an absolute advantage. It is highly adaptable to Changsha stratum, low-carbon, environmental protection, low noise, high safety, professional after-sales solution, and the price of each shield machine is significantly lower than that of foreign products with the same configuration. Finally, all the shield machines required for Changsha Metro construction were "purchased by group" from China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. Changsha has become the first city in China where the subway has been independently built by China

overcoming the world's problems in subway construction

at 11 a.m. on October 11, the shield machine slowly exposed the cutter head under the Wuyi Square subway station, and the last section of Changsha Metro Line 1 was completed. The tunnel of the whole line of line 1 will be completed and put into trial operation next year. This is the second line of Changsha Metro Line 2 successfully completed after the shield machine made by China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. helped the completion of Changsha Metro Line 2 last year

although the shield interval between Yingpan Road station and Wuyi Square Station of Changsha Metro is only 840m long, it is full of difficulties. In particular, the construction of full section water rich gravel and shallow overburden in soft and hard strata will cause accidents such as surface settlement, damage to underground pipelines, inclination or even collapse of surface buildings (or structures) if the construction technology is not properly controlled. These are the "worldwide problems" of subway construction

in view of the problems that construction in soft layer is like "moving tofu on a stone" and the tunneling direction is prone to deviation, the shield design improves the rapid passing capacity of the shield machine in local bad sections by optimizing the torque power curve of the main drive and using the guidance system to control the tunneling direction of the shield machine. Based on information sensing and fusion technology, the construction scheme is carefully formulated to reduce the fluctuation range of surface settlement

"Changsha phenomenon" became a model

on April 25 this year, the shield machine designed and produced for Tianjin Metro Line 6 passed the acceptance at China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. and soon went to the construction site. "Almost all cities that are building subways now are using our shield machines." Heqiping, chief machinist of China railway construction heavy industry, said

chengyongliang, deputy general manager of China railway construction heavy industry, introduced that their independently developed high-end shield machine with completely independent intellectual property rights has occupied "half" of domestic shield machines in recent three years. At present, its annual output and market share are the first in China. It has the world's most advanced production line for turnouts and spring fasteners, accounting for one third of the domestic market

as Changsha shield equipment broke through the foreign blockade, the international shield giant had to lower its value from 150million yuan to 40million yuan. Chengyongliang said that independent research and development and striving for the right to speak in the market have saved the country a lot of money

Changsha has become the first city in China to adopt all domestically owned brand shield machines in subway construction, which is called "Changsha phenomenon" in the industry. This phenomenon provides a model worthy of reference for strengthening the comprehensive strength of domestic shield enterprises, improving the ability of independent innovation, and improving the voice of China's major equipment in the world

it is reported that Changsha Metro Line 2 and line 1 have used 24 sets of shield machines of China railway construction heavy industry for construction, saving hundreds of millions of yuan. At present, the "Diamond dragon" branded with the name card of "railway construction heavy industry" has been constructed in more than 20 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, etc., and its market share has leapt to the first among domestic independent brands

high efficiency rotary drilling rig has impressed international peers.

since most of the stations passing by the subway are located in the downtown area, it is necessary to use safe, environmental friendly and efficient construction equipment when building subway passages and stations. The multifunctional rotary drilling rig and series roadheader independently developed by Shanhe intelligent are favored by many construction units because they have the advantage of raising the system pressure under certain experimental conditions

rotary drilling rig is "shining sword" in Singapore.

Changsha Metro Line 3 is under construction. Many stations use Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig when building subway stations. "The rotary drilling rig has high efficiency. It can drill five to six holes in two hours a day." Master Zhang, who worked on the construction site of line 3, is just in his early 20s, but he is already an old hand in operating rotary drilling rigs. He said that he used rotary drilling rig to drill pressure bearing pile holes in his bid section. The hole with a diameter of one meter should be rotary excavated to a depth of 15 meters, and more than 400 holes should be drilled in a bid section of about 4 kilometers

"one of the difficulties in the research and development of rotary drilling rigs is to optimize the overall mechanical layout, so as to not only make the drilling rig powerful, but also ensure the stability of the drilling rig." Guoyong, deputy chief engineer of Shanhe intelligent, said that foreign drilling rigs using the general chassis of excavators can only connect the workbench and upper crossbeam through two columns in an area of about 45 degrees in the track forward direction, while Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rigs use the self-developed telescopic special chassis, which has better stability, can rotate 360 degrees, and can carry out all-round construction, so that the construction scope is increased and the operation capacity is stronger than that of similar drilling rigs

last year, Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig won the bid for Singapore metro construction project because of its excellent performance. This year, although Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig entered the construction site one month later than similar foreign machines, it completed the construction of subway platform at least one month earlier than other countries, which impressed international peers

the "pangolin"

shield machine with high construction efficiency has the characteristics of high cost and poor flexibility, which is suitable for long-distance subway construction. Therefore, many cities in China use tunnel boring machines when building subways, especially those with short distance or complex bending. The series of roadheader developed by Shanhe intelligent was commonly used in coal mine roadway excavation. Because it has the advantages of flexible adjustment of heading direction and low cost, it has entered more and more subway and tunnel construction sites

"a shield machine often sells for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, but the price of the TBM is only 3million to 4million yuan." Guoyong, deputy chief engineer of Shanhe intelligent, said that the roadheader can cut the rock stratum, which causes less damage to the surrounding rock stratum and makes the tunnel wall smooth and complete. Therefore, the tunneling speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the over and under excavation is less, which can save a lot of lining costs. "In many cities, subways and tunnels are built in sections, and some sections are not too long. For these projects, it is more cost-effective to choose a TBM than a shield machine."

construction machinery has become the leading industry in Changsha.

after more than 20 years of innovation, the construction machinery industry has become the leading industry with the most core competitiveness in Changsha. Hunan Construction machinery has also become the first sub industry of Hunan Machinery Industry with more than 100 billion yuan. It is the pillar industry of industries above Designated Size in the province. Last year, it achieved a total profit of 6.078 billion yuan

at present, China's construction machinery has formed six major production cities, namely Xuzhou, Changsha, Changzhou, Xiamen, Jining and Liuzhou. Xuzhou, Changsha and Changzhou are the top priority. In 2014, the output value of Changsha's construction machinery and accessories industry exceeded 200billion yuan, and the export of construction machinery and equipment accounted for 7.5% of the national export of construction machinery and equipment, forming a manufacturing group led by Zoomlion, Sany group, China railway construction heavy industry and other enterprises

on June 10, 2015, China Machinery Industry Federation and China Automobile Industry Association jointly released the top 100 Chinese machinery industry in 2014. Five Hunan enterprises, namely Sany group, Zoomlion, Jianglu Electromechanical group, China railway construction heavy industry group and Shanhe intelligent, were shortlisted as the top 100 Chinese machinery industry. Hunan Sany group and Zoomlion ranked fifth and sixth respectively in the list. Last year, their main business income was 73.7 billion yuan and 63.7 billion yuan respectively. Among other Hunan enterprises, Jianglu Electromechanical, which is mainly engaged in tower cranes and hydraulic excavators, ranks 67th, China railway construction heavy industry group, a leading domestic shield machine enterprise, ranks 74th, and Shanhe intelligent ranks 96th.

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