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Changsha railway station launched the "face brushing" approach

2017 national day and Mid Autumn Festival holidays, forming an eight day "super holiday". Everywhere you go is a sea of people. The railway station and the airport can be said to be the busiest transportation hub. However, Changsha has recently launched the "face brushing" approach to the station, which has greatly relieved the pressure of people

it is understood that the "face brushing recognition" applied in Changsha railway station is more accurately "ID card recognition": a camera is installed on the automatic ticket gate. When passengers approach the machine, the camera collects photos on site and compares them with the photos in the ID card chip

from the above, due to the need for ID card verification, which is often referred to as the 1:1 identification process, the requirements for computing power are relatively low. In addition, as the equipment is placed at the gate of the railway station, the light is relatively strong, and it is amazing that the machine can quickly identify. Passengers can enter the station within 3 seconds after using these machines. After the comparison is successful, the green light of the machine is on and the gate is opened; The comparison fails, and the red light is on, indicating "please conduct manual verification"

however, there are three prerequisites for taking the "face brushing channel":

first, there must be a physical ticket with clear and undamaged face QR code, both red and blue tickets

secondly, remove masks, sunglasses, hats, etc. to keep the face uncovered

in addition, since the machine can only identify identity cards, other documents such as passports, residence booklets, driver's licenses, soldier's certificates, officer's certificates and so on are not recognized at present, so it is necessary to enter the station at the manual inspection channel

when collecting face images, the camera will first locate the face in the image, and then locate feature points such as the corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the corners of the mouth, and the face contour, and then perform light compensation, remove and correct a small amount of obstructions. Finally, the deep learning algorithm is used to extract identity features and compare them with the background image of the ID card to identify identity

in this process, slight fat, thin and makeup will not affect the recognition effect

now, many systems have applied visible light face recognition technology to detect and capture faces in the natural light (sunlight, ordinary light, etc.) visible to the human eye. The captured photos are used to establish a mathematical model of their relevant faces, obtain the information of face feature points, and take them out by virtue of their pure water-based Pu technology and rich experience in the textile industry. At the same time, they are compared with the ID card backup photos in the back-end face database, Output the comparison results

the advantages of the face recognition scheme mainly include the following advantages:

1. Improve the traffic speed. In the past, it took almost five seconds for each person to vigorously promote the annexation and reorganization of enterprises through manual inspection. After using machines, they could pass the test in about one second

2. To improve the recognition effect, the volume must be sealed during the working process. The ability of human eyes to recognize people with cosmetic surgery, obesity or hair changes is lower than that of machines, and they can not even accurately and quickly identify whether their ID card is consistent with themselves

3. Reduce the pressure of workers. In the past, during the national day, Spring Festival and other holidays, the daily passenger flow of the railway station "increased as a result of the increase in the volume index, and the manual inspection load of the station staff was serious.

4. Improve the security level. Compare the ID card photos and faces in real time to quickly determine whether they are themselves and whether they are fugitives.

it is reported that the three major railway stations in Shanghai have recently applied the face recognition system to maintain the stability of railway security during the 19th National Congress, Passengers taking the train to Beijing shall be subject to "waiting in special area, secondary security inspection, comparison of all staff and key investigation"

the security of face recognition system has always been questioned. Some researchers have carried out experiments using pictures to bypass the face recognition system for a long time, but previous studies used all flat materials. Since the face recognition system will check whether the face recognition system is a living body through the actions and expressions of the tester, the most popular early cracking method is to record a video by the tester himself, but such materials need to be provided by the parties concerned

biometric technology can add a powerful shackle to the security system. After all, it is difficult for powerful hackers to imitate the effect similar to that of biological evidence. But please note that biometrics is also a double-edged sword. Once your fingerprint or face information is mastered by hackers, you will be in a panic situation for the rest of your life. After all, the password can be changed at any time, but the biological certificate is the mark that accompanies us all our lives

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