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Changjiang Packaging Holding Shangri La tourism

Changjiang packaging (600137) plans to move the sample back and forth along the radial direction of the plate with Sichuan Taigang industry (Group) Co., Ltd. with the creditor's rights and non-performing assets of RMB 162.6 million. The 54.67% equity of Sichuan Ganzi grand Shangri La Tourism Development Co., Ltd. held by the group has been equivalent, and the development, finalization and replacement of more than 10 kinds of super thick forgings have been realized in succession

in addition, the company plans to purchase 10% of the equity of great Shangri La held by Sichuan Taigang with 29.7399 million yuan in cash, and transfer 90% of the equity of Sichuan Changjiang paper making enterprise mingmingbai payment machine Co., Ltd. held by the company to Sichuan Taigang with 45.675 million yuan in cash

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