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On February 28, Changting County held the centralized commencement and completion activities of seven projects in the first quarter of 2018. Among them, the rare earth permanent magnet samarium cobalt alloy project of Fujian Changting Zhuoer Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the three industrial projects started this time, was officially started, marking the new journey of Changting rare earth industry after the Spring Festival

2017, the rare earth industry in Changting County handed over a good answer sheet, signed 3 tasks and completed 5 contracts; 2 commencement tasks and 5 completed projects; One task has been completed and four have been completed. The output value of rare earth industry in the county reached 8.01 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.1%, driving the growth rate of added value of large-scale industries by 15.5 percentage points, with a contribution rate of 92.2%. As one of the three leading industries in Changting, the role of rare earth industry in promoting economic development is becoming increasingly prominent

good news came one after another. More than a week before the Spring Festival of the year of the dog, when large projects of central enterprises settled in old areas, Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park welcomed three good news: in early February, wangshihong, deputy general manager and safety director of Petrochina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, and his delegation came to Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park to promote the construction progress of catalyst projects; Fujian Mingyou New Material Technology Co., Ltd. invested 120million yuan in the production project of rare earth new materials, which was started on February 5; On February 7, the first productive military civilian integration project in Longyan City, the scintillation and laser crystal project with an investment of 250million yuan by the 11th Institute of CETC, started to lay the foundation in the rare earth industrial park

among them, the CNPC (Changting) cracking catalyst project with a total investment of RMB 1.058 billion was officially started at the end of September 2017. At present, the initial construction fund of the project of RMB 420million has been in place, and the project is progressing in an orderly manner

at the beginning of 2012, PetroChina was assigned to help Changting. Changting took this opportunity to highlight key businesses, strive to break through the leading enterprises and fist products with key regions and key enterprises, and improve the development level of intensive clusters of Changting rare earth industry

after many times of coordination and demonstration between the two sides over the past five years, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has decided to build PetroChina Fujian Changting catalyst project in Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park. According to qinsong, general manager of PetroChina (Changting) catalyst Co., Ltd., the project carries out the engineering design of the production line according to the international first-class factory standard. The scale of the unit is large for a single set in China, realizing large scale benefits; The environmental protection facilities of the project are designed according to the strict environmental protection standards and high standards in China, taking the lead in developing a new environmental protection process for the catalytic cracking catalyst industry in China

it is reported that the project is planned to last for 18 months and is expected to be completed and put into operation in February 2019. After the project is put into operation, it will spend a lot of money to develop new copper alloy materials, with an average sales revenue of nearly 1billion yuan. At that time, nearly 100million yuan of taxes will be submitted to Changting every year to stimulate the economic and social development of the old area

in addition, in 2017, the relevant leaders of Changting County learned that the 11th Research Institute of CETC had responded to the call of CETC group, implemented the central military civilian integration strategic decision, and intended to invest in Longyan. After that, they took the initiative to the headquarters of CETC in Beijing to discuss with each other, which eventually led to the scintillation and laser crystal project of Leisheng technology company in Changting County with a total investment of 250million yuan. The two sides signed a contract on November 9 last year, In February this year, the project officially started cold rolling. It is a steel plate worker construction that further thin the steel plate to the target thickness under the recrystallization temperature at room temperature

attract business by business and give full play to its own advantages to drive the development of the rare earth industry in Changting. Xiamen tungsten industry is one of the six major rare earth industry groups in China. As its wholly-owned subsidiary, Changting Jinlong rare earth Co., Ltd. makes full use of its advantages in technology, brand, talent, capital and channels to carry out in-depth and continuous investment attraction in the rare earth industry. In 2017, Changting Jinlong rare earth Co., Ltd. achieved an output value of 6.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.7%, and paid taxes of 6.489 million yuan

driven by the golden dragon, more projects have settled in Changting. One of them is the rare earth permanent magnet samarium cobalt alloy project of Fujian Changting Zhuoer Technology Co., Ltd., which started construction on February 28. Before that, the Xiamen tungsten subsidiary, Oster company, invested 180million yuan to rent standard plants in the rare earth park to build a samarium cobalt permanent magnet material project. The first phase 150 Undertaker: Hunan University of technology. The feasibility study report on the construction scheme of 1million tons of alumina and supporting self-contained thermal power station has been completed by relevant professional institutes; Start trial production according to the established construction plan. According to linlishan, the relevant person in charge of Changting Rare Earth Industry Bureau, this year, the company will also start the second phase of self built plant, aiming to expand the production capacity to 1000 tons. Besco, the holding company of Xiamen tungsten industry, has also started the project production by means of renting before construction, with a total investment of 300million yuan for the dielectric ceramic barium titanate powder project. The smart voice coil motor project of Shanghai Bilu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which was introduced by the settled enterprises, settled in the rare earth park last year, with a phase I investment of 102million yuan. The standard plant is being transformed and upgraded, and the staff are being trained. It will soon be put into production

2017, Changting County focused on the opportunity of in-depth development of military civilian integration, actively won the support of military enterprises, deepened project docking, and focused on promoting the docking and implementation of specific cooperation projects between Xiamen tungsten industry, CETC No. 11 Institute, No. 21 Institute and CRRC Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. Among them, the laser (scintillation) crystal project of leishengqiang company of the 11th Research Institute of CETC was officially signed, and the construction began in the rare earth industrial park on February 7. "At present, our main goal is to connect with military academies and central enterprises, focus on attracting investment in high-quality permanent magnet motors, and strive to break through the motor industry cluster." Linlishan said

now, in Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park, 13 rare earth enterprises have settled here, with a total investment of 7.238 billion yuan, including 2 projects such as Jinlong rare earth high-performance Nd-Fe-B rare earth permanent magnetic element devices, rare earth permanent magnetic material phase II production line, anmaixin magnetic steel production line, longjiete intelligent environmental cleaning equipment and Xinyue chemical, which have been put into operation

2018, led by leading enterprises, Changting County will cultivate a number of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, support the extension of rare earth industry to downstream application fields, focus on promoting rare earth deep processing, PetroChina cracking catalyst, rare earth aluminum alloy cable, samarium cobalt permanent magnet material (phase II), laser (scintillation) crystal, micro special motor and other projects, and build a military civilian integration rare earth industry development demonstration base, We will strive to make the output value of the rare earth industry exceed 10billion yuan

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