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Changjiang Hydraulic successfully held the second seventh employee congress

Changjiang Hydraulic successfully held the second seventh employee congress to build itself into a leading enterprise with strong innovation ability and international influence

China Construction Machinery Information Employee representatives and commended model workers attended the conference. Leihongming, chairman of the board, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, On the afternoon of January 24, Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. solemnly held the second seventh employee congress. The company's leaders, employee representatives and commended labor models attended the Congress. Leihongming, chairman of the board, attended the Congress and delivered a speech. Yang Yun, general manager, delivered a speech entitled Xiaoyong, Secretary of the Party committee, delivered a speech on behalf of the Party committee of the company on the theme of "focusing on quality, expanding the market, strengthening management and improving efficiency", Tangchunxia, chairman of the trade union, made a report on the work of the trade union entitled "strengthening communication, giving full play to unique advantages, uniting and mobilizing all employees to work hard to achieve the production and operation objectives of the enterprise"

in the report, Yangyun reviewed the main work of the company in 2013, pointed out the problems existing in the work, and put forward the production and operation objectives for 2014. Yangyun put forward the key tasks for 2014: first, improve product quality around market objectives; Second, internal and external cooperation to expand the market; Third, improve and perfect the management of marketing system; Fourth, implement the mechanism of market allocation of resources; Fifth, implement the market forced mechanism, and guide the production and operation according to the lean production idea and management method; Sixth, determine and allocate employment according to the principle of being capable and efficient; Seventh, strengthen the business integration and standardized management of the supply chain under the "big material" mode; Eighth, financial management should focus on benefit; Ninth, vigorously advocate the pragmatic style of telling the truth, doing practical things and seeking practical results; Tenth, we will make unremitting efforts to ensure safety in production and put an end to the accident of erecting a sliding rod

at the meeting, the company's model workers, advanced collectives and various pacesetters in 2013 were also commended, and the advanced collectives and individuals in 6S management, spiritual civilization construction, comprehensive management and safe creation in 2013 were commended

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