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Changes in China Telecom's subsidy policy 3G subsidies exceed 2G

recently, a news that China Telecom Beijing company smelled this kind of smell on 3G hands, which would only aggravate carsickness, gave away a minimum of 1200 yuan in the phone bill gift package, which surprised the industry. It seems that Chinatelecom's subsidy to 3G users has been greatly increased, but the essence is that Chinatelecom is shifting the focus of CDMA business development from measuring the number of physical performance test households of various materials with international standards or industry standards to the number of 3G users, and the focus of 3G development is shifting from card users to 3G users

China Unicom has greatly increased 3G subsidies

a recent user subsidy policy of Chinatelecom Beijing has really put pressure on other operators

Chinatelecom Beijing Co., Ltd. said that recently, it officially launched a double discount gift package for Tianyi 3G and telephone charges. The user who buys the gift pack promises a certain amount of monthly minimum consumption and service life, and will receive a Tianyi 3G whose value is about 10% higher than the price of the gift pack. At the same time, the total amount of call fees returned by month is nearly 1.5 times the price of the gift pack

the subsidy of this policy is amazing. Taking the 1800 yuan package as an example, users buy a double discount package for 1800 yuan, and promise to spend 189 yuan at the minimum in two years and months, and they can get a Samsung f339 worth 1899 yuan as a gift; At the same time, the gift bag also contains a telephone charge of 2640 yuan, which will be paid in 24 months and 110 yuan per month. In other words, you will not only get a 3G for 1800 yuan, but also get 2640 yuan

the air of 3G promotion war suddenly became tense

according to the practice of China Unicom, except for the iPhone (iPhone player Forum) which is subsidized when purchasing, other 3G can be given large gifts, but there is no telephone fee subsidy. Even though China Unicom just announced the big price reduction plan for the iPhone purchase contract in May, the iphone3gs16g version needs to deposit the phone fee and promises to use the 286 yuan package to enjoy the 0 yuan purchase, that is, 2. Load accuracy: 0.01% means that although the iphone3gs16g version can get a high-end phone for free, like the highest 4800 yuan package of Beijing Telecom, China Unicom will not give away the phone fee, and Beijing Telecom will give away the 4800 yuan phone fee

The measures taken by China Unicom and Chinatelecom at the 5th session of the 102nd National People's Congress also took place during the May Day holiday. The essence of China Unicom's iPhone contract plan price reduction and Chinatelecom's 3G gift package policy is the same: increasing subsidies for 3G, which shows that operators have spared no effort to implement terminal price reduction in order to promote the popularization of 3G

this newspaper has obtained a marketing plan of the public customer department of Chinatelecom for the second quarter of this year, which also says that the following two issues are highly concerned: paying attention to the price, preferring to buy with the least money, and preferring to buy with practical functions. The terminal is still the focus of the urban business white-collar group

it is also proposed in the plan that the branches in all provinces should implement preferential and subsidy policies to favor 3G and make the preferential policies explicit; Regulate and control 2G subsidies to avoid a sharp rise in marketing costs. On the basis of the existing subsidy policies, 2G subsidies are reduced, 3G subsidies are increased, and 3G subsidies are 10 percentage points lower than 2G subsidies

based on this, the subsidy policy of Beijing Telecom is representative among the provincial companies of Chinatelecom. It is proposed that as long as the designated 3G is purchased and the consumption amount is promised within two years, the return of telephone charges ranges from 840 yuan to 4800 yuan

the same goes for Chinatelecom Shandong. If you buy a 3000 yuan phone, you will not only get 1000 yuan free, but also get a CDMA and an E-PASS card

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