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Shishi plans 331 key projects this year

release date: Source: Quanzhou Evening News

learned from Shishi that in 2021, Shishi will arrange 331 key projects at this level, with a total investment of 105.004 billion and an annual planned investment of 21.397 billion. It is reported that Shishi will formulate different protection and maintenance plans for key projects, which is very necessary to implement rolling management. For social investment projects that meet environmental protection requirements and industrial planning, the displacement measurement range will also be: 0 ~ 250mm; Be included in the tracking service at any time

it is reported that there are 20 financial investment projects in key projects in Shishi this year, including the renovation project of Shixiang Road, the landscape improvement project of Shiyong Road, the greening improvement project of Shijin Road, the reconstruction project of old residential areas in Shishi, the phased dam construction of the ecological restoration demonstration project of waste mining areas in Shishi (phase I), the maintenance and repair project of the road section in Jinshang industrial zone of Shijin Road, the PPP project of urban street lamp energy-saving transformation project Urban trunk road flower box renovation and upgrading project, urban "five embroidery" project, etc

there are 78 projects of urban construction state investment group, including pengtian entrance and exit project of Fuzhou Xiamen expressway, upgrading and reconstruction project of Shishi Shuitou (Jinjiang boundary) Lianban section of national highway g228, reconstruction and upgrading project of Gongfu Road (Shiyong second road to Shijin Road), road project of Yongning outer line (waigao Xichen section), smart Shishi phase I (new energy vehicle charging pile construction project and smart transportation project), road reconstruction project of Shilong Road (South Ring Road Tongxing Road) Jinnan Road West Section (Gongfu road - Qinglian Village Committee East Road), yuanyangchi park landscape reconstruction project, Fuhui road landscape improvement and reconstruction project on both sides (Laogan Center - Baqi Road), Haojiang road greening improvement (Shuitou outer line - Xiangjiang Road), Shuitou outer line into the city entrance landscape improvement project, etc

there are 55 projects of the industrial investment group, including the neighborhood center of the East Park of the intelligent industrial park of the high tech Zone, the road works around the parking lot of Shihu port area, the pipeline system repair project of the high tech Zone of Shishi, the one enterprise one pipe sewage pipeline project of the marine biological food Park of Shishi, the road works of the south section of Gulian road of Shishi (liannong road - Shixiang Road), the power facility improvement project of Shijin Road (the special line construction project of the intelligent industrial park of Jinhan) Shixiang Road (Xuefu Road - Coastal channel) urban trunk road underground pipe quality improvement and efficiency improvement project, Shishi clothing city storage center project phase I, etc

there are 8 cultural tourism group projects, including Baogai Mountain Scenic Area upgrading project, Sports Center renovation and reconstruction, Shishi fashion publishing center, Gufu laver cultivation center and cultural experience hall, Gold Coast International Resort Hotel, Huashan ancient residential renovation and protection project, Yongning ancient Wei city protection and upgrading project, Guanyinshan City reception hall, etc

there are 39 educational projects, including the reconstruction and upgrading project of experimental primary school, the construction of continuing education school (phase II), the reconstruction and expansion project of No. 1 middle school (phase I), the reconstruction and expansion project of Xiamen foreign language Shishi Branch school, the expansion project of Hanjiang middle school (phase II), the reconstruction and expansion project of experimental middle school, Shizishan kindergarten, Lingxiu fifth kindergarten, Shishi clothing City Experimental Kindergarten, the construction of new campus of Houlong school, Shishi eighth experimental primary school, Yongning Xinyi experimental primary school, etc

in addition, 131 social investment projects or inadvertently scraped the sheet metal, including Jinshang operation, and most of these fishing gear came from the illegal fishing vessel area 4 × berth expansion project, Baolong can making project, Xintai (Shishi) technology company's annual increase of 45000 tons of high-grade sports upper cloth project, Shishi Meijia shuangwubao production base, yingshubao's annual output of 30000 tons of Spunlaced non-woven fabric and processed products production project Shishi Wangzhen food manufacturing and trade project, Junsheng Fengrui clothing factory construction and transformation and upgrading project, Enis integrated weaving positioning jacquard clothing manufacturing project, chuantai clothing equipment procurement project, de'ao knitting 2000 ton annual knitted fabric automatic production line project, Bailong packaging new project, etc

it is reported that in 2021, Shishi will promote the "five struggles" as a whole, carry out six special actions around industrial development and urban construction, make detailed and practical work arrangements for the whole year, and strive to open a new chapter of high-quality development

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