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Shi Guangsheng said that laws incompatible with the WTO will be amended

Beijing, March 13: Liu Honglin reported that the third session of the Ninth National People's Congress held a reception today. Shi Guangsheng, Minister of foreign economic relations and trade, said in response to the questions raised by those in the practice process of Sino foreign records that at the same time, Jin min also developed wear-resistant materials. The bilateral negotiations on China's accession to the WTO have entered the final stage. After China's accession to the WTO, China will make corresponding amendments to its incompatible laws and policies. Shi Guangsheng said that the process of China's accession to the WTO is accelerating. So far, China has reached bilateral agreements with 27 of the 37 WTO members who have requested bilateral negotiations with China. In the past two months, China and the European Union have accelerated the pace of concluding bilateral negotiations, and the two sides have made important progress in the two rounds of negotiations in Brussels and Beijing. At the end of this month, EU Commissioner Lamy will be invited to China for bilateral negotiations between China and the EU. China and the EU are expected to reach an agreement on the basis of equal consultation, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. Shi Guangsheng said that China will earnestly fulfill its commitments after its accession to the WTO. In order to achieve this, China will make corresponding adjustments and amendments to the laws, regulations and policies that do not comply with the WT O rules and the policies in July this year after its accession to the WTO, and clean up the laws, regulations and policies that are inconsistent with the WTO. At present, China is stepping up preparations for this work in order to revise and clean up in accordance with China's legal procedures after its accession to the WTO in the future. As for the impact of joining the WTO, Shi Guangsheng said that no country in history has affected its economic development because of its accession to the WTO or its predecessor. Like other countries, China's accession to the WTO has more advantages than disadvantages. Moreover, China's accession to the WTO will not affect the status of Hong Kong, Macao and other regions as world transportation centers, financial centers, trade centers, and information centers. On the contrary, it will promote. (procuratorial)

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