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Is the stone sweeping robot t7pro discovery the same as t7pro? 80% of China's credit resources go to the state-owned sector, which contributes less than 40% of GDP. The main difference between t7pro and t7pro is that the sales channels are different. The former is sold in and the latter is sold in tmall. The function and hardware configuration are the same. My family bought this t7pro, which is a stone sweeping robot. It's much better than expected. First of all, at first glance, its appearance is amazing, According to the black domineering side leakage data center, XPS also has a strong sense of technology. Secondly, it is the core value of the product. The robot design is humanized, easy to use, full of power to sweep the floor, climbing over the threshold is very good, and it won't get stuck. It has strong performance all day, high cost performance, and is worth starting

turn to regular users' comments to see how everyone evaluates the obstacle avoidance function Price of t7pro exploration version of stone sweeping robot:

[the new t7pro exploration version of the year is scheduled to save 900 yuan, and the price on hand is only 2999 yuan! The price guarantee is 11.11, and the smart speaker is sent when you book the machine]

deposit: ¥ 49.00 can be offset by ¥ 949.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 3899.00 (the bottom price is 2999 yuan)

JD event quotation link:

II Stone sweeping robot t7pro exploratory configuration parameters:

additional functions: regular appointment, remote control, automatic cleaning, area cleaning, Yanbian cleaning

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