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"Stone paper" can be used by researchers to evenly integrate high concentration ceramic material particles into fibers for food packaging

[ppzhan Abstract] Stone paper has once again successfully attracted the public's attention, because in addition to its previous functions to measure elongation accurately, it has once again become the coat of food

Stone paper, which attracted the attention of the representatives of the two sessions in 2010, has recently found new uses. Stone paper can be widely used in food packaging, food shopping bags and catering supplies. The principle of making paper from stone is to grind the calcium carbonate, the main component of stone, into ultrafine particles, use polymer materials and additives as auxiliary raw materials, and use polymer interface chemicals. The cooperation began in January 2016 with the filling and modification technology, which is a new paper-making technology processed by special processes

in the production process of stone papermaking, no trees are cut down, no water is used, no sewage and toxic and harmful substances are discharged. Stone paper series products have the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, non-toxic, waterproof, anti fog, anti oil, anti insect, tear resistance, folding resistance, affordable price and so on

according to the person in charge of earthguard (Tianjin) environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd., stone paper, after being used for office and printing, has also developed and produced paper and plastic bags related to food. 4. Risk tips: such as milk cartons, grain packaging, meat packaging, tablecloths, napkins, packaging boxes, shopping bags, etc. due to the low cost of stone paper, the sales price is more than 15% lower than that of non stone products, If we do not consider the factor of balancing market price, there is still room for downward selling price

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