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Stora Enso 2018 creative packaging design competition kicked off

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core tip: the 2018 creative packaging design competition held by Stora Enso group has challenged students and professional designers around the world to create innovative food packaging for children

[China Packaging News] the 2018 recreate packaging design competition held by Stora Enso group has challenged students and professional designers around the world to create novel food packaging for children

taste is visual - the taste can be seen. Attractive packaging can not only change people's overall impression of food, but also change consumers' expectations of food taste. Stora Enso held the creative packaging design competition to seek new packaging ideas and packaging solutions based on smashing sheet size and mixing renewable fiber materials. This time, the designer's task is to rethink food packaging and create an attractive, interesting and pleasant product experience for children

the competition has professional groups and student groups, and the deadline for registration is December 22, 2017. After registration, participants will receive a set of comprehensive material bags produced by Stora Enso, including a variety of high-quality packaging cardboard, for designers to explore and create models. In the spring of 2018, the expert jury will evaluate all the entries, with the first prize up to 5000 euros. In addition, the jury composed of children will choose the "most popular Award for children", and the works that win the most votes at the competition station will win the "most popular Award for the public"

Annica bresky, chairman of the jury and head of the packaging paperboard division of Stora Enso group, said: "Modern families are very active and busy, and children have a great influence on parents' shopping decisions. Packaging should not only attract children and parents, but also retail dealers, which is a challenge. The younger generation will consciously choose products that care about the earth. Therefore, our packaging needs to provide convenience for consumers, facilitate people to take out food, make the process full of fun, and encourage healthy eating and sustainability Continued lifestyle. We look forward to seeing new ideas, telling us how to make full use of cardboard to bring people the best product experience, product form and product function. "

Stora Enso creative packaging design competition has been held every two years since 2012. In the last competition, we received 157 entries from 18 countries, and 12000 friends participated in the voting. The competition has been widely recognized by the international design community as well as media and social channels, and also provides an opportunity for talented designers to stand out

this is a challenge for designers and students around the world to open automatically under the guidance of magnetic force. English is required for registration and submission of design works. For relevant information, please log on to the official homepage of the competition:


September 4-December 22, 2017: contestants sign up, Stora Enso mail material package

February 2018: public participation in voting

2018: selection and awards

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