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Stone T7 and covos T8 evaluation

covos T8 and stone T7 sweeping robots are both hot systems on the market. The main difference is that the price and obstacle avoidance ability are different. This covos T8 anti-collision watch is equipped with a camera to identify objects more accurately. Its route planning is also very good, very intelligent, 5200amh high-capacity battery, and its endurance is 3 hours, which is very awesome, There is little difference in other aspects. In pursuit of cost-effective stone T7 and obstacle avoidance ability, this covos T8 is a good choice

covos T8 start with reference, details of friends' evaluation of advantages and disadvantages,

details of stone T7 quotation and user comments, for the reference of friends in need

covos T8

stone T7

the development trend of cars is lightweight. First, covos T8 sweeper quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 3999.00 (see activity quotation)

2. User comments: generally satisfied, it is similar to what other users have commented. Sweeping the floor is very clean. If there are dry stains on the floor, It is not easy to clean up under the promotion of many factors. But it has also been very good, liberating both hands. Nowadays, the house is not very dirty. A sweep and a mop will make it very clean. If you are willing to move, you can mop it again after sweeping it, and it will be quite clean! The word "tracing before walking" will not be missed. It is generally recommended

covos t8

II. Quotation and comments on stone T7 sweeper:

1. Reference price: ¥ 2899.00 (see activity quotation)

2. User comments: obstacle climbing ability: my wooden floor is mixed with floor tiles, and there are steps in many places. The stool feet are also complex. It has obvious results. Many attempts and calculations have been made. The obstacle climbing ability is good, the bed bottom is relatively easy to clean, and the carpet can also be identified to increase the suction

III. summary of covos T8 and stone T7 sweepers:

the difference between the two sweeping robots covos T8 and stone T7 is not very big on the whole. It is just that this stone T7 has a better cost performance. This covos T8 adds a camera to avoid obstacles, which should be better. Its endurance and function are similar. It depends on personal needs and budget. Now it's OK

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