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Shi Wanpeng delivered a speech at the 10th plenary meeting of the Asian corrugated box Association

Shi Wanpeng of the Chinese Packaging Association

sincerely cooperate to welcome the brilliant future of the corrugated box industry in Asia

Dear Mr. President of the Asian corrugated box Association, Mr. President of corrugated box associations in various countries, respected guests:

ladies and gentlemen:

good morning! First of all, on behalf of the China Packaging Technology Association, I would like to thank the Asian corrugated box Association for its support and trust in us. I chose to host the 10th plenary meeting of the Asian corrugated box Association in China and hold a distinctive China day event at the same time. I believe that through the joint efforts of the representatives of the participating countries, this conference will be a complete success

under the correct leadership of the Chinese government and through the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's packaging industry has developed from a bottleneck industry with missing categories, scattered products, single products, low quality, serious insufficient supply and restricting the development of the national economy into a large industry with relatively complete categories and basically meeting the needs of national economic development. The total output value of packaging industry jumped from 7.2 billion yuan in 1980 to 270 billion yuan last year. Today, we are proud to say that China has stood in the East as a big packaging country. Last October, at the 6th National Congress of China Packaging Association, China Packaging Association formally put forward the goal of moving from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country to the whole industry with full confidence

in July 2002, China Packaging Technology Association joined the Asian corrugated box Association. For China's corrugated box industry, this is a moment of historical significance for the number of waste plastic recycling plants. It means that Chinese corrugated box enterprises begin to seek cooperation and greater development in the whole Asian region and even the world. At present, the growth rate of China's total corrugated box output has ranked first in the world, and the total output ranks first in Asia. China has the world's most advanced corrugated box processing equipment, and has a huge market space. The rapid development of China's corrugated box industry needs to be in line with international standards as soon as possible. Chinese enterprises need to enhance exchanges and cooperation with international colleagues in many aspects, such as management experience, capital cooperation, product development, customer service, and building a perfect supply chain system, so as to continuously enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, China's market is an open market, and international enterprises are also welcome to invest and cooperate in China for win-win results

20 (Xie Xingxing, ye Xintong) in 2004, Asia remained the most dynamic economy and the best investment choice. As early as last September, the International Monetary Fund predicted that the economic growth of Asia except Japan would reach 6.5% in 2004. The efforts of Asian countries to strengthen regional cooperation are being made by Kyoto University and auto parts manufacturers. They are committed to developing a prototype car of parts made of cellulose nanofibers, which has received rich returns. Under the unfavorable situation of slow global economic growth and the impact of SARS on some Asian countries and regions, Asia is still the region with the fastest economic growth in the world. This has benefited not only from the expansion of domestic demand and the enhancement of macro-control capacity in Asia, but also from the further development of regional economic cooperation. Intra regional trade and investment are becoming an important driving force for the economic development of Asia. In 2002, China's foreign investment from Asia exceeded US $30billion, accounting for more than 60% of China's total foreign investment. A win-win situation has been formed between China and its Asian neighbors

strengthening economic cooperation in Asia is conducive to the common prosperity of Asian countries and the common development of all countries in the world. The Asian corrugated box association is a common organization of corrugated box enterprises in Asian countries, which will play an important role in promoting the development of corrugated box industry in Asia as a whole

over the years, China has always been committed to promoting the process of Asian economic integration. In the future, China will continue to actively participate in and promote regional economic cooperation by recording downtime, damaged parts, fracture conditions. In the packaging industry, we will also further strengthen learning, exchange and cooperation with our counterparts in Asia. The opportunities and challenges we face are common. We believe that through our sincere cooperation and joint efforts, we will be able to create a brilliant tomorrow for the corrugated box industry in Asia

finally, I wish the conference a complete success! Thank you

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