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Stone paper making: a model for Huaibei's environmental protection transformation

recently, the environmental protection paper industry development forum was held in Beijing. The forum was jointly held by Anhui Tianxiang Longmeng company and Huaibei municipal government. At the meeting, konglingfa, chairman of the company, once again introduced the stone paper project put into operation in February this year, and revealed that the output in May had reached 1500 tons, an increase of nearly twice that of April. At this rate, the target of annual output of 60000 tons is just around the corner

stone papermaking is a key project vigorously promoted by Huaibei City, Anhui Province. Huaibei hopes to touch this stone to cross the river and realize the transformation of the whole city

Nirvana choice of a city

Huaibei, which was born of coal and flourished with coal, was once one of the 13 largest coal production bases in China. The city has been established for more than 50 years, producing more than 700 million tons of raw coal. However, in March, 2009, Huaibei City was identified as one of the 44 resource exhausted cities in the country. This energy city, which has dug coal for half a century, really felt the imminent crisis. One month later, Huaibei put forward six transformation strategies in real life, in which traditional Chinese medicine is still an important choice for us to eliminate pain. The first is the transformation of the coal power industry to a diversified industry

cities that have suffered from resource difficulties are particularly sensitive to resources and the environment. In Nirvana? On the road of rebirth, Huaibei pays special attention to the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as new energy, new materials and tourism. For example, ecological projects such as building Wetland Parks by using the lakes and wetlands in the subsided land caused by coal mining; Develop food processing, wine making, etc; The stone paper industry is one of the important attempts. Yang Jun, vice mayor of Huaibei City, once said that environmental protection stone paper is a low-carbon environmental protection industry with high-tech content, which will effectively develop and utilize the rich limestone resources in Huaibei region, and produce obvious economic, social and ecological benefits

according to Kong Lingfa, Tianxiang Longmeng Environmental Protection Paper Co., Ltd. is expected to produce 360000 tons of environmental protection paper annually within three years, provide 2000 jobs, and plan to build a production base with an annual output of 1million tons of stone paper within five years. This project is also the Taiwan funded project with the largest single project, the largest number of follow-up projects and the highest technical content introduced by Huaibei City and even Anhui Province in 2009. Taking such an environmental protection industry as the top priority, Huaibei's transformation road seems to be clearer and clearer

an industry question

after the original quality assurance period, the principle of stone papermaking is to grind the main component of calcium carbonate into ultrafine particles and blow molded into paper. It uses raw materials from stone, so it avoids the disadvantages of large-scale cutting down trees in traditional papermaking technology; Its production process does not use water, does not strengthen acid and alkali, and does not contain bleach, so it solves the serious pollution problem in the modern paper production process

however, although the environmental problems before and during production have been solved, stone paper has problems in the post production link where traditional papermaking will not have problems. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of degradation of products. One is that degradation is not required, such as traditional wood pulp paper; The second is non degradable, such as plastics; The third kind is degradable, and stone paper is classified into this category

however, according to a survey conducted by southern weekend last June, another stone paper company, earthguard, has been responsible for providing spare parts services to users at cost for three lifetimes; The first and third layers of composite stone paper are ethylene acrylic modified copolymer EAA layer, and the second layer is inorganic powder layer. In this regard, jijunhui, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics of the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said bluntly: the upper and lower layers are plastic. If the plastic contains this component, the stone paper cannot be degraded

In view of the degradation problem, Xu Chuanbo, special assistant to the chairman of Taiwan Longmeng Technology Co., Ltd., also repeatedly explained that the calcium carbonate content in the stone paper produced by Tianxiang Longmeng has reached more than 70%, and the plastic composition has been greatly reduced. In addition, the use of degradable materials, degradation is no longer the biggest problem. He gave a natural degradation period of 5 to 6 months. Even so, Xu Chuanbo still admitted that the best way to treat Stone paper is to recycle it to the manufacturing plant, which can avoid secondary pollution after treatment. At present, centralized recycling is still difficult

in addition, the raw material of stone paper comes from calcium carbonate in stone. Raw materials require a high content of calcium carbonate in limestone, which also means that not all stones can be used for papermaking. Moreover, although limestone is now rich in content, its natural regeneration ability is poor, and it is still a non renewable resource in essence. From coal to stone, it is just taking one non renewable resource to replace another

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