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The Sino US trade war makes China see the current situation of national manufacturing and needs deep reflection

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core tip: since the Sino US trade war stripped off the pants made in China, China's manufacturing industry began to reflect deeply, especially the strength of Europe, America and Japan in the basic manufacturing industry

[China Packaging News] since the Sino US trade war stripped away the underwear made in China, China's manufacturing industry began to reflect deeply, especially the strength of Europe, America and Japan in basic manufacturing industry

not long ago, a list of the world's top manufacturing enterprises in Germany was widely forwarded, making everyone aware of the suffocating strength of German manufacturing. In fact, the strength of our neighbor Japan's manufacturing industry is completely covered up by our good sense of self

in fact, Japan's strong strength in both basic manufacturing and applied manufacturing makes it difficult for China to match. The following is the list compiled by good friends:

01, heavy industry:

Ishikawa heavy industry, Nippon Steel heavy industry, Fuji Heavy Industry, Kawasaki heavy industry, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Mitsui heavy industry

02, precision machinery industry:

farak, Komori, Komatsu, Katen, kamoka, Seiko, Toyo, Guangyang, bueryue, Aisin, Toyota, Mazda, Mazak, Tiantian, Okuma, Mori Seiji, jetcott, Makino, Huitian, Sadik, Citroen, Fuji, Toshiba, brother, Tianjin, Longze, Yuanzhou, Okamoto, Miyano, hokos, Suji, Nakamura Liu, Mitsui Seiji, Fenghe, Songpu, Takamatsu Hamai, cangfu, Nikkei, Hotei, kujima, fentek, FANUC, Chi Bei, Lexus, Acura, infinity, Funuc, Mitsubishi, Denso, Yaskawa, Komatsu, Suzuki, Nissan, Nissan, Hoya, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Hisen Meikang, bayemon, Tom, Nakanishi, volcano, Hamamatsu, Rijin, Sangui, Goldman, CIS, shimaki, scine, nedco, Niigata, array GMA, Gunze, Sakura, eye Topia, Tomei, MDM, Mani, ailekang, chest, Morita, niplow, Taiermao, Xinghe, Otsuka, Dongcao, topekang, Zewu Jicai, Asahi Kasei, Tochigi, SONGFENG, xingbaishi, nitomo, Xuyi, Longxiang, Daikin, Ouji, Dayan, Yantian, create medic, ITO, cooliet medick, Mizuho, Kubota, Akita, Takagi, Nakamura, photoelectric, Aichi steel Jizhuang, Talla Belmont, Nihon medix, Dongyi, nengku, Takeo

03, precision optoelectronics industry:

Roland, cresonnet, Murata, TASCAM, Panasonic, Sony, anqiao, Bazhou, Sanyo, sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC, Seiko, Ricoh, Pentax, electrical equipment, Alpi, Olympus, Fonda, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Casio, Kyocera, Maia, Tianlong, Marantz, pioneer, Jianwu, javist, luxman, East Asia, teac, Yaga, Lesheng, mecanty, iron triangle Golden throat, Shanshui, Aihua, Minolta, brother, Epson, pros, Shimadzu, Xi tie Cheng, Omron, Aloka, Nippon electronics, Guhe, Sysmex, Tete Homme, tengrong, Shanyang, Reza, Roma, erbida

04, fine chemical industry:

sk-ii, meinado, opal é, Goss, epeilan, Mentholatum, dhcmild, Kao, lion, Shifen, birou, dove, le'erya, naturgo; Shiseido, Gaosi, jianabao, and Shimura show; Nippon, birdie, Musashi, Fujitsu, Xianduan, Toto, Bridgestone, Yinai, DENKA Seiken, techmo, shino-test, Fukuda denshi, sun m reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. Medical, atom, Kanto, Odyssey, aikelai, tahilong, Rongyan, meinikon, Qianshou, keleli, Heguang, Xiangmo, xinglintang, Chuancheng, nitong Fangji, Rishi, Chuguang, Mitsui, Asahi, Sumitomo, Maruyama, dongran

05, CNC machine tool industry:

Mazak, Tiantian, Okuma, Mori Seiji, jietaikete, Makino, Komatsu, Huitian, Mitsubishi, Sadiq, Xitie City, bueryue Fuji, Toshiba, brother, tsunami, Takizawa, Yuanzhou, Okamoto, Miyano, hokos, Suji, Nakamura, Mitsui Seiki, Fenghe, Fuji, Matsuura, Takamatsu, Hamai, cangfu, solarworks, HOTA, kujima, Sumitomo heavy machinery Fentek, FANUC, Chi Bei, etc.

06, bearing industry:

nsk: Seiko Corporation of Japan. Founded in the 1920s, it currently ranks among the top three in the world and produces a full range of bearings

ntn: Toyo, Japan. It was established a little later than NSK. The world's top ten manufacturers produce a full range of bearings, automotive bearings

koyo: Japan Guangyang. The world's top ten manufacturers produce a full range of bearings, automotive bearings

nachi: Japan bueryue Co., Ltd. Produce industrial robots and drill bits (what should we pay attention to when operating one of the world's best burst tester). Bearing products account for only a small part

outside the four companies:

nmb: production of micro bearings. The scale of micro bearings alone ranks first in the world (some say the sixth in the world in 2002). High nickel materials mainly refer to the increase of nickel content in ternary materials

iko: linear motion series, needle roller bearing

thk: linear motion series

ijk: precision bearing, miniature bearing, widened bearing. Currently under NSK

asahi: Asahi Seiko, Japan. Outer spherical bearing with seat

fyh: Kobayashi Seiko, Japan. Outer spherical bearing with seat

ezo: miniature bearing, stainless steel bearing, special material bearing

in addition: KYK (micro bearing), JNS (needle roller bearing)

some Chinese customers of Mazak machine tools in Japan: Chery motor company, Great Wall Motor Company and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. Chinese customers of Japanese Funuc robot: FAW Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen

seeing the above list, you may not understand Japan's pivotal position in the world manufacturing industry. The following series of data are enough to show us the incomparable strength of Japanese manufacturing

the harmonic reducer with high precision, large torque, light weight and small return force of HDS in Japan has a share of more than 40% in the world. NASA Airbus Zeiss surgical goggles rely on it to transmit the stop and go power steering accuracy positioning of feedback equipment

Daido steel of Japan, the transmission shaft for COMAC engine and the on-off valve for marine diesel engine produced by Daido account for 36% of the global composition respectively, especially No.1 in the transmission shaft market

Airbus will import US $billion worth of carbon fiber materials from Toray Japan from 2010 to 2025 (the same is true of Boeing)

Tiantian fol3015aj SNK's 5-axis dragon boring and milling carried out ultra precision machining on the engine of F22 and the wing of KC135 tanker in the U.S. logistics workshop

Matsuura mamv five axis vertical machining center is used for cutting and carving the cylinder block of Bugatti Veyron w16 engine, and Matsuura mamv five axis vertical machining center is used for machining the cylinder block of Ferrari V8 engine

the computerized flat knitting machine produced by shimajima Seiki is called "Rolls Royce" in the knitting machinery industry in the eyes of Europeans who advocate high-end fashion

Mitaka kohki, a Japanese small and medium-sized enterprise, uses its unique global cutting-edge technology to account for 7% of the surgical mirror Market in the United States. The Leica M series brain surgical mirror currently on sale is developed on the basis of the technical authorization of Mitaka

Hosokawa micron (Hosokawa Mikron, Hosokawa, Japan), the world's largest powder equipment, will face paralysis in the production workshops of the world's major pharmaceutical confectionery manufacturers if Hosokawa micron's powder particle processing machinery stops production. Hosokawa Mikron's powder processing machinery is the Royal equipment of international pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, etc

the peak of medical hardware - there are only six heavy particle cancer radiotherapy equipment in use in the world, five in Japan and one in Germany. The Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany, the largest oncology department in Europe, is using Hitachi's proton beam radiotherapy equipment

Nikon nsr-s621d is the world's first lithography machine with 14nm node processing capacity, which produces CPU chips. The world's most precise optical planetarium - from taketo optics, Japan. This most advanced optical planetarium in the world can accurately project 140million stars. Taketo optics and Konica Minolta together have held about 70% of the global share in this field

Hejian precision machine is the only two in the world that master the extreme 5.11 control cabinet in the fields of marine climate and maritime affairs. Full scale display value: 500; It is a manufacturer of manufacturing technology for important precision measuring instruments. The only slow wire EDM machine in the world that has broken through the nano machining accuracy is from Sadiq, Japan

70% of the world's precision machine tools are equipped with the world's highest precision micron level automatic tool setting instrument developed by metrol in Japan

bueryue has more than 3 components in the global broach market of the parent tool for processing the wing slots of gas turbine rotors; Spiral broach for mold 3 components; More than half of the shares of small mechanical oil pressure motors

tokoka machinery has a global 6-component share in the field of special precision machining machine tools for super large piston rings of internal combustion engines, and is widely used by various industrial manufacturers in 23 countries around the world

Japan unomatic, the world's largest certificate machine manufacturer

the non-contact object material defect flaw detector using magnetic powder and eddy current and the magnetization and demagnetization device of the magnet used in the driving motor developed by Japan's electronic magnetic gas industry have an overwhelming share in the world, and the equipment of this company can be found in the workshops of almost every auto, railway and aircraft parts supplier

belt tensioner, the core winding equipment that gives plate tension, is necessary in all plate processing fields (steel plate, automobile, household appliances, construction). More than 90% of the global share is occupied by rb21 and beltbridge models of JDC in Japan

Chinalco Luotong, a major supplier of copper materials for high-precision and cutting-edge scientific research equipment in China and a key national support institution, purchased a whole copper extension double-sided milling and cutting production line from Japan's Makita production machine; The processing of copper materials in almost all automobile brands in the world should be completed by using the equipment of Makita production machine

as the representative of Oriental civilization and the guide of China's world factory, we should learn from Japan modestly in the manufacturing industry as we did in the 20 years before the reform and opening up

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