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[trading Express] slightly lower rebound hard to find support

[trading Express] the market closed at 15:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1303.53, down 0.95 points from the previous trading day

oil prices continued to fall slightly on Thursday. Today, China Plastics warehouse receipt market tried to rebound, but it failed and the decline was difficult to change

in the morning, LLDPE and PP opened slightly lower as a whole. This young company also plans to release RPLA - similar to the shock recovery of PLA prices driven by buying in the early stage, most varieties once showed an upward trend, and turned downward again in the middle and late stages, and closed slightly at the end of the day; The three varieties traded in the afternoon rose in shock, and the whole line closed up slightly. In terms of disk situation, today's market trading atmosphere is active, and the transaction is still good for vigorously developing green transportation; Intraday trading was relatively balanced, and most of the operations changed hands. Many buyers closed their positions and took in bargain hunting behavior, while some sellers sold back in the short term, and many took advantage of the situation to build positions, with a small reduction in orders. On the daily K-line chart of the warehouse receipt composite index, there was a short positive close today, the physical center of gravity moved down to below the 20th line, and the KDJ index fell rapidly into the oversold area

on the whole, the recent market decline is obvious, market confidence has been greatly tested, and it is difficult to be optimistic about the future market. However, with the price falling, the market correction pressure has been released to a certain extent, and it is expected that the short-term decline may slow down

15:00 closing, the settlement prices of ab0805, hd0805, ll0805, pp0805 and pvc0805 were 15268, 13440, 13711, 12225 and 7510 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by +44, +15, -29, -4 and +31 points compared with the previous trading day. A total of 8520 tons were traded in the market today, an increase of 690 tons over the previous trading day; The total order was 19100 tons, 1105 tons less than the previous trading day. The specific data of double volume are as follows:

total amount






trading volume







order volume







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