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Trademarks were rush registered overseas, and Chinese medicine enterprises launched a brand defense war

it is not uncommon for Chinese medicine enterprises, especially time-honored trademarks of Chinese medicine, to encounter rush registration overseas, but it did not attract widespread attention of enterprises at that time. (3) pouring concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit. In recent years, with the continuous development of domestic enterprises in the international market, the registration of trademarks has brought many troubles to enterprises and hindered the internationalization process of pharmaceutical enterprises. The phenomenon of drug trademarks being registered overseas without deformation has been paid more and more attention by enterprises, and relevant enterprises have also been forced to start the "defense war" of trademarks and brands

pianzi Huang is an important export product of Chinese patent medicine in China. For many years, it has been ranked first in the single export of Chinese patent medicine in China, with an annual export of more than US $10 million. In 2004, the sales volume of Pianzihuang was more than 250million yuan, 40% of which came from exports. Therefore, some foreign businesses have their eyes on Pianzihuang, trying to rush to register the trademark of this Chinese patent medicine

products are also exported to Beijing Tongrentang and Guangzhou, but suitable injection molding machines are of great significance for producing low VOC parts. Traditional Chinese medicine enterprises such as Wang Laoji and Guangxi Yulin pharmaceutical have also experienced the same experience. Tongrentang once regained its trademark from the Japanese market, while the trademarks of pianzaihuang pharmaceutical and Yulin pharmaceutical were both registered in Indonesia

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