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Trade war waves again! Scrap turn down

friendly tips: Recently trump officially signed the tariff agreement, and the trade war has started again. Some people believe that scrap steel should stop rising and falling. In fact, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, scrap market owners were strong and weak. Among the 247 domestic scrap enterprises that followed the quotation, 23 steel enterprises were increased, with varying amplitude adjustments; Seven steel enterprises were reduced by a decrease, and most of the rest operated stably. Some steel enterprises had surplus inventory, and the collection was also suspended during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The utilization of RTM molding process in carbon fiber composites by leading steel enterprises that play a key role in scrap: the arrival of goods for a week has been seriously less than daily consumption (as shown in Figure 1), mainly in view of the current abundant inventory, and the timing of the increase is not ripe, but the price rise expectation of the plastic industry as a key emerging industry is relatively obvious at this stage

in addition, it is worth emphasizing again and again that steel exports to the United States account for a small proportion, and the impact of tax increases is mainly in the aviation industry based on the psychological level. In fact, speculation has become commonplace. In today's atmosphere of acceptable profits for steel enterprises, steel enterprises are also more willing to attract goods in order to improve the output efficiency in production restriction. Although this week and the future are hot and rainy, and the market is in the off-season, factors such as mid year maintenance have formed a certain negative impact on the scrap market. But the impact of environmental protection and production restriction can not be ignored: on June 11, the Ministry of ecological environment formed more than 290 supervision teams to comprehensively launch the 2018-2019 win the blue sky defense war to strengthen supervision in key areas. "2+26" cities generally arrange about 200 inspection teams, 11 cities in Fen Wei plain generally arrange about 90 inspection teams, and the Yangtze River Delta region mainly arranges special action teams to carry out irregular inspections

each supervision team is composed of 3-4 people, mainly from the local environmental protection system and units directly under the Ministry of ecological environment. In the first stage, there are more than 200 inspection teams, with 3-4 people in each group; There are more than 290 inspection teams in the second and third stages, with 3-4 people in each group; More than 100 special mobile teams have also been reserved, so about 18000 people (Times) have been used to strengthen the supervision

"the strictest environmental protection in history": by the end of last year, only 28 cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas had shut down and banned 146000 "scattered pollution" enterprises! Factories have shut down and workers have lost their jobs. Looking at the past, sorrow is everywhere

"2+26" cities have all classified and disposed of more than 62000 gas related "scattered pollution" enterprises; 44000 small coal-fired boilers and more than 100000 bulk coal combustion facilities were eliminated; Tea stoves, commercial small coal stoves, open-air barbecues, etc. are all banned. At the same time, a large number of waste stations, waste recycling points and waste processing plants have been strictly investigated, suspended, fined and banned, etc

it is not difficult to understand that with the impact of environmental protection and production restriction, the supply of finished timber resources will continue to be at a low level, and the inventory of relevant markets and steel mills will also decline correspondingly in the same period. After the well-known gathering summit, coupled with the end of the busy farming season, downstream demand has increased, businesses have a strong willingness to support prices, and the supply of scrap resources will continue to be limited under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, It is expected that the range should be set to the minimum level 1 when the short-term scrap will be adjusted to zero under the support of this positive

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